Summer And Sentence Errors


Today is a great day for moments! It is indeed a great day to meet and enjoy the sun. It’s the summer season! Atleast, in my country, it actually is. But wherever you may be, I hope you feel awesome and embrace this sunshine with me!

I feel really great that I get to write another entry here. I always get to be on MIA mode yet again. But hey, I’m totally back! I hope you are all set to read more of my stories in the coming days.

It’s been a roller coaster ride during these couple of months. I was busy with work and I just couldn’t find the right story to tell everyone. I guess you could call it a writer’s block (Or maybe not?). But truly, there’s just so many I wanna share and I can’t make up my mind on a topic. As I am writing this, my brain is constantly battling my way into ideas. The trash can, as I see it now, is quite full with crumpled paper of sentence errors. Yes, I do most of my entries on scratches since I’m not comfortable typing it directly on my laptop. But that’s just how I do it.

Anyway, summer has been good to me lately, except of course of the fact that the temperature’s above 30 C. Moreover, this price that I got that comes in days of my vacation leave is the crop of my summer season. I guess I just got lucky to be given that chance to keep my work aside in a box for the mean time.

Well, I guess that would be all for now. I’m gonna enjoy the rest of this summer season! I’m pretty sure I’ll come up with a pretty good story the next time I’m going to post another entry. For now, Happy Summer Everyone!


Happy First Birthday: A First Technical Encounter

Water is always forever flowing. In the same way, you should always keep on moving forward.

Water is always forever flowing. In the same way, you should always keep on moving forward.


Hi! I guess it has been two months since I posted something here. The last time I was about to update my blog, I realized that I have been writing in my wordpress account for almost a year now. So far, I’ve been enjoying my blog knowing that I get to share a part of me from fellow bloggers out there.

Suddenly, there’s this little thought that hit me. what’s supposed to be a happy feeling for me, became a frustration knowing that something went wrong in my blog.

While I was busy writing for my next entry, I was also having the time of my life reading other blogs. I came across my friends’ blog and hit a comment on her awesome post about “Viajera”. When we saw each other the next day, she told me that she couldn’t be able to go to my blog site. She said that she was transferred to another page instead, which she’s pretty sure that it wasn’t my original blog.

So I checked up on it and realized that what she told me was true. I went through where I left a comment on her page and clicked my blog name. When I clicked it, I was then transferred to another blog site which happened to be the same as my blog address (

And then it hit me that maybe because I changed my blog address to which coincidentally, is the same blog address from this User.

I tried fixing it though by changing my blog address to and so far, it’s not that effective. My friend could not still go to my blog site though I’ve made changes already. I’ve tried considering closing my blog too and start a new one but I just couldn’t do it knowing that this has been going on for a year now.

The only thing I wish now is that I could be able to resolve this techinical problem I am facing now. For the past two months, I’ve been trying hard fixing this but still nothing seems to work. I guess I just have to continue and move on. I’ve missed doing my blogs during my leisure and this time, I’ll try to start over. I hope in the next year to come it will be a true happy 2nd birthday here in WordPress!

A New Day Has Come


I have realized that it has been more than two months since I last posted something in this blog. I guess it is just time for me to start sharing my stories again.

These past months have really been hard not just for me but I guess for everyone as well. After the quake hit our place, a storm had made its way into the country.

It was on the 9th of November wherein each person would consider this date as the ultimate nightmare. It was on this day that Supertyphoon Yolanda (International Name: Haiyan) hit the country leaving her ruins of an enormous damage in the Visayas region.

Luckily for me and my family, we were just doing fine although the winds were really a bit strong than the usual. For the next three days after the typhoon, the supply of water and electricity were down and we did not have any updates on what is happening in the outside world. What is even troubling is the limited contact available that we have for our relatives and friends. It was only when the power was up when we became aware of the effects of the supertyphoon in other areas.

We then relaized that our relatives in Madridejos, Bantayan Island and in Medillin, Cebu have actually lost their homes and possessions. What is even worst is that in the region of Leyte and Samar, thousands of lives were lost due to the storm surge that came along.

Houses and various infrastructures were washed away and with that the lives of individuals, children, parents and people. It is such a heart breaking and depressing scene having to witness this in the news the entire day. How the water came up and devoured all those living and standing is unimaginably horrifying.

I think there is no exact words for this tragedy.

Perhaps this might be one good reason why I could not just easily type in my laptop and blog. Although I did not experience the very worst of the storm, I felt the need to sacrifice this in respect for everyone who is struggling. In many different ways, my fellowmen are indeed having a hard time coping because of this tragedy.

This is hard to take all in and it is honestly so overwhelming knowing a lot of people need help. I guess the earthquake and the storm really made me so fragile that I could not even write anything until now.

I guess the time has come to rise up and move forward from this experience. I guess it is time to wake up from this nightmare. Aside from giving back through the relief efforts, I guess I should do something more.

I believe that if I contnue living my life to the fullest, I can pay tribute for those who have died. I like to think that I will dedicate my life for them and live accordingly wherein I do not hold any regrets. It is the only way I see that I could make a better change not just for me. Moreover, I like to think that I am doing something to begin a new day and to start fresh by chasing my dreams and loving others more unconditionally. 

I wish I could truly visualize that. I really hope so.



The historical church faced the 7.2 magnitude earthquake as its bell tower crumbles into pieces

The historical Basilica Minore Del Santo Nino Church faced the 7.2 magnitude earthquake as its bell tower crumbles into pieces

Today marks the fourth day since the Magnitude 7.2 earthquake hit Central Visayas and parts of Mindanao, Philippines last October 15, 2013 at 8:10 am.

It was such an ordinary day for most people and everyone was just about to start the morning. For our Muslim brothers and sisters, it was indeed a special day as they celebrated the Id-ul-Adha or The Feast of the Sacrifice. For some, it could be anything else spent in so many ways.

As for me, it was just a nice morning that I woke up to at around 6:45 am knowing that I have no work for the day. As it was declared a national holiday and it happened also to be the Fiesta of Sta. Theresa de Avila in our place, I and may whole family were just at home.

We were sitting at the dining table to eat breakfast and we were just happily talking and planning for the day. We even talked about preparing food for the Fiesta. In fact, my parents and my aunts already agreed to cook meals for that evening.

But then, a sudden event happened while our family was enjoying our hot chocolate, and our breakfast meal of beef loaf, sardines, poached eggs and rice. While I was about to take a bite, there was something shaking underneath us that startled me. I did not really realize it at first but then the shaking became much stronger and intense that I and my brother were already looking at each other. I then looked at my mother and father who were also feeling the same thing and the four of us were just exchanging gazes.

Within that three seconds, my brother told us to get out of the house and so we did. We stood up and unfortunately for me, I was the last one to get out of the table because I was sitting in the last chair near the wall. I was struggling to get out because my chair was so caught up with the wall and the table too, leaving not enough space for me and plus, with the shaking movement of the quake, it was even harder.

Luckily, I managed to get out eventually and just didn’t mind that I hit my hand and knees (perhaps the table) somewhere. After which, the four of us got out of the house in a matter of six to seven seconds. And then it was there that I totally saw what was really happening.

Our family saw everything how houses were moving and even the trees and the posts. It was the first time that I saw our mango tree swaying but this time, so horribly. I thought that I was watching the movie “2012” in 3D as things were really moving everywhere in a chaotic manner and the sad part was that it was true. It was not a movie after all.

The moment I realized that I was already shouting the Lord’s name and asked him to stop it. The more that we were outside, it felt like the ground was about to give up on us and crumbled. Our family hugged each other so tightly for that moment as we realized what was coming for us. It was really a nightmare and I thought that maybe this would not stop. My grandmother’s pot outside the table at the terrace was even broken as it fell down. I shouted for what it felt like a long time to ask the Lord to stop it. Just to stop it, please.

And after for thirty seconds, everything did come to a halt. The world stopped shaking and it was silent for a second. I looked at my family and then I was thankful that it really stopped. We realized we were still alive. I checked my relatives who were on the other house next to ours and thank God, they were just alright too.

We were all outside now with all of our relatives trying to be close to each other for what was about to come next- the aftershocks. We were so relieved that no one got hurt so badly but as for me, I then realized that something in my hand and knees hurt. That was then I realized I bruised myself. But still, I feel grateful that the bruise was all I got.

So that was my family’s story when the earth quake strikes. After the big hit though, there were strong aftershocks that followed and it was really terrifying. We stayed more outside and we even did not have electricity and water for some of the hours.

As the news said, there were around 110 aftershocks that was recorded from the time the big quake attacked to 11 am. And in the afternoon, it just keeps on going and sometimes it feels as though it was another earthquake.

Even until now on the fourth day, aftershocks can still be felt and every time it does, I just skipped a beat. I just feel all the anxiety and fear that something might collapsed. Even some parts of our house had developed cracks from the quake.

And now that I am sharing this story, I feel a sense of relief because it eases the anxiety and at times still, the floor is shaking.

In truth, I really wanted to share this with everyone who might come across with my blog. I just want you all to know that our whole family is fine. However, some of our brothers and sisters from other parts of the region is greatly affected. Specifically, Bohol was most affected since the epicenter was located there. I lived in Cebu and our whole province was the next affected as it is close to Bohol.

Just to end this story, I just want all of you to know this tragedy that we have witnessed. I hope you all realize that at some point, you may get to have your share in experiencing this near-death event. To have seen and feel this powerful magnitude is no joke.

Believe me, there is no exact words that could express what I truly feel at that moment. But there is one thing I do know now after surpassing that nightmare.

Life is in fact, too short for everyone to live. Nothing more, nothing less.

Out Of Ideas

I don’t know why but actually, I feel like I’m out of ideas- to write or blog something or to do something.

I feel like this new job as a content writer is killing me. At first, it was enjoying and fulfilling having done all my article assignments given to me by my editor. Even though it seems so tiring since part of the job was to rewrite my original article twice, I feel good after what I have accomplished. But at the second week of my training, I sort of sensed the pressure that my job requires. Having to meet a four- thousand word quota for a day is no joke at all. I even have a hard time writing for just one article a day ( and that means that the article has to be rewritten twice). Sad to say, but I can just finish one article and rewrite it twice only for a day which means that I am so slow at this.

I really tried my best though but I guess it is still not enough. I clearly can’t make the quota and I am just hoping for next week that I’ll be able to do it, because if I don’t, I will not be promoted to regular. The good thing about it though is that the editor gave me a chance. I still have until next week to improve my performance.

Honestly, I am really having a hard time making articles in a fast paced wherein the content quality is not affected. The very reason I make articles in a regular pace (not in a fast paced) is that I want it to be of high quality. I want to focus and think about more thoroughly about the words and phrases that I wish to write. I want my readers to really feel what I am saying and I want that every sentence in the paragraph is interconnected with one another. I want to tell a good story where there are no missing gaps in between. I want my articles to be written carefully where I can dwell much deeper in it. I want my voice to be heard in it.

But having the kind of pressure in the work that I am in, I feel so restricted and I can’t work on my creative juices. I am not that satisfied with my finished work even though I have met the deadline. I can’t write a good story and I can’t take my message to be delivered to the public. 

I just really hope that I can surpass this though. Because I really want to complete this challenge and I want to prove something from the talent that I believe that I have.

I may be a starter at this but I want to do my best! Nothing more, nothing less!



A New Day Dream Job For Me

These past few days have been really crazy. It’s so amazing for me that at a two month “no work” zone, I actually found a job I love doing. And that is Writing/Blogging!! I feel like I found a new day dream job and I am so happy I have been given this opportunity.

Actually, my position is a Content Writer and that means that mostly, I’m gonna be writing tons of articles with any topics or keywords and specific guidelines of course. Honestly, I don’t really have a background on content writing and for those who may accidentally read this, I REALLY NEED YOUR HELP!

I’m currently starting my training right now and I would really appreciate if you guys could give me tips and advice to improve my writing skills. Although I constantly write and blog, I feel that it is not enough to get my job done right. I would want to produce a quality work which our clients would want.

I really plan to continue doing this job for a longer time. I truly wish that my editors would be satisfied and happy with my work output.

Hopefully, I wish I can be promoted as a regular.

Wish me Luck! 🙂




When you least expected…

At first, you couldn’t find the right way, the right words at the right time. But then, when that moment comes, the one that you’ve waited for quite sometime, everything you’ve ever thought of and done, all just gave way to the experience. Though at the time you were having that feeling of sadness, anger, happiness or joy, it just didn’t really matter. The people whom you thought were not there for you suddenly begins to get back in the picture and those that who were on it unbelievably disappeared! At some point, you may feel frustrated by these opposite reactions. It just doesn’t feel right. It confuses to actually what you are currently dealing with…

The way I see it now, there’s no definite plan for me. All I see is this “Moment” and the things that came along with it. I can’t say for sure where this will bring me but I know deep in my heart that I am grateful for it. I am thankful and honored to have reach this far. I am proud for what I have achieved and know that whatever happens, this “Moment” will surely define who I am.