At First Hiccups


Today is such a great day for love stories. I’m not much of the romantic type but I guess, it’s worth a shot to try this whole “lovey-dovey” genre for my entry. So it’s decided then. In exchange for my long hiatus days (I’m truly sorry!), I will share to you a simple story of love at first hiccups.

Last month, I remembered painting my nails in alternate black and pink. I really don’t know why but knowing the little knowledge I have in nail polish, I thought it was really pretty. As I was looking at my hands, something just suddenly hit me from within. And then, I thought “How come I’ve never noticed this before?”

I must say that when I’ve left the blogosphere for awhile, there were certain events that took place. I’ve noticed most people would say that we are normally bound for change. And when it did happen for me, it felt as though everything just went in a blink of an eye. Truly, I was in awe and I had no choice but to deal with it.


My perception of love has always been the one I’ve seen in movies or read in books. It has always been a foreign thing to me. More so, it is the only thing I tried to ignore for the past years of my existence. On the other side, love has never found me as I try to keep myself hidden from it’s shadow.

Though at this point in time (or even as always), I’ve never imagined myself as someone who hides from everyone. I’m trying the best I could to deal with new experiences. I try to meet people and make new friends. And I’ve succeeded with that but it turns out to be the other way around.


Now, it’s a different view since I never also expected to be noticed in an unexpected way. For instance, when you passed by a corridor, specific persons greet you. And for me, I’m just delighted by such response. I’ve realized that people are thoughtful enough to think of someone like me.

Moreover, when you had that one day where you got your hair done, and this one person noticed it above all. Indeed, he has actually seen you all this time. It’s the little details he remembers the most which makes everything a lovely experience. When he remembers what you were wearing and compliments you in the most special way. Perhaps, the little gestures he does for you that makes you go crazy and left in a whirlwind.

It’s true what they say. Love gives you the feeling of unimaginable things. You couldn’t really explain it but it just happens. And yes, he gives you the moment at first hiccups!






Our Moments: In Nostalgia

This serves as an excerpt written from my notepad last year…

In Nostalgia

Today, I am in my ecstatic mood. I feel so light having to come back to a place where I truly belong. The experience can never be repaid as once again, I am making a new meaningful memory.

Today was yet the best journey down to memory lane. It was our Grand Alumni Homecoming which served our way to reuniting once again.

It’s great to meet your old classmates whom I now considered my friends. The entire event was a total laugh trip as we reminisce the past.

We talked for so much about so many things. We laughed so hard and we felt like being our own family. It’s actually great to know that after all these years, we still remain the same. Even though life has put us in different paths, we still manage to be the very person we truly are.

I like the bonds of friendship that we have made over the years. Other people thought that our group is one of a kind. I guess I can agree to that since we keep in touch and hangout when we are not busy.

All I hope for now is that there would be more memories for us that we could share. I still wish for the next homecoming to be a lot sooner. But more than that, I still wish I don’t have to wait for another year just for all of us to hangout.

 Anyway, I say cheers for our friendship and I hope there’s a lot more to look forward for!

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The Annual Wait Part 2: First Preceptor

I know it’s super late but I just like to share this with everyone. I’m on a verge on starting over. I’d like to think that better days are coming ahead especially with what is in store for me…

It’s just the start of the year and many things have happened already. After my so called “vacation time”, I was awaken by the fact that I will be working soon. Although it is more of a training phase before becoming a regular employee, it felt like reality hit me hard on this note.

It’s quite sad at first since this would mean lesser free days for me. But then, the feeling just suddenly changed to fear and anxiety. I am so afraid for what will be in store for me since this will be my first time doing something that does not involve school grades.

I thought that hey, this is really it! This is the real deal right here. I’m not a student anymore. I am a professional now and I need to act just like one.

As I start my first week as a preceptor in a prestigious hospital, I feel so relieved. It’s great that the staff is very approachable and accommodating to the trainees. I feel even more motivated to do a good job. Although I made some mistakes at work, they were very considerate knowing that I was not yet familiar with their system.

What is also great about my first week was that I met new people and made good friends with other preceptors. It was such a great experience having to learn not just from the staff but also from them as well. In the long run, my fear and anxiety began to fade away and I see myself looking forward to coming to work every single day. I just hope I could maintain this feeling of being inspired and motivated so that I can always have a great working performance.

I hope that in the coming weeks to come, I can fully enhance my knowledge, skills and attitude especially in my workplace. I hope I could improve on being a real professional this time and not as a student (since I’ve been there already).

I constantly pray for courage and wisdom for what will come ahead whether it will be something good or bad.





I found this red rounded Kirkland chocolate  box in an old cabinet. There I found bits of memories that I realized I have forgotten for sometime. There, in that dented, rusty box, I saw pieces of papers with pictures on it and words that color “Happy Birthday!”, “Happy Valentines Day” and “Merry Christmas”. As I open each card, I began to read the sweet messages that was written by friends whom I thought were long gone. Although it was just a simple greeting, I began to remember how that mattered to me before. Perhaps as a kid back then, all you could think of was just the card, a material thing. But now, as I thought again, I realized it was more than that- it was friendship, love and trust. As this new world comes to exist, these precious efforts from friends from around are not that quite relevant. Just so you know, NOBODY MAKES OR BUYS A CARD FOR FRIENDS NOWADAYS. People have definitely changed and switched to the new ways of doing things. I guess, this has just become an old thing now. Even I don’t do this so often now. I guess what I’m trying to say is that the old things never fail to make me feel so delighted. These little but touching deeds truly made a moment somewhere in me. Saying this makes me miss my friends even more now. 🙂