The Lonely Rock Star (last parts + epilogue)

ONE OK ROCK at Countdown Japan 13/14
*credits go to the owner of this photo

Chapter 6

Taka is driving but he can’t concentrate on the road, Yui is still quiet, she was silent since his father announced that they were engage, her silence is driving him crazy, now he knew that no man can endure the silent treatment that girls do.

“Say something, Yui. I know you’re upset.” He said.

“You knew it all along right? You knew that I was your fiancée since we met in States.” She said coldly.

“No, I didn’t, I didn’t know that you were my fiancée.”

But she ignores him.

“You tricked me. You knew all along and you didn’t tell me. You made me look like a fool.” She said and cries. Taka parks his car in a corner and turns to her.

“No, Yui I didn’t lie to you. I was surprise too that you were the woman my father arrange to me.” He starts to panic.

“Liar, now I know why you’re so comfortable with me even if I’m still a stranger to you.”

“Yui, listen to me please.”

“No, you lied to me. I don’t want to see you anymore.”

“Yui, No!” he said and hugs her. Yui struggle to free from his hold but Taka didn’t let her. She stops struggling.

“Leave me alone for some time, Taka.”

“No, I won’t leave your side.”

“Do you want me to hate you more?” she said and her painful look made him agree to her.

“Alright, if that’s what you want.”

Taka is drink his brandy and pour another one.

“Hey dude, what’s wrong with you? You don’t usually drink hard.” Toru said.

“Yeah, unless he has problems.” Ryota said.

“And from the looks of it, it is Yui.” Tomoya said with his index finger on his chin.

“Shut up! I don’t want to play games with you.” Taka snaps.

“I knew it, it’s about Yui right? What happened?” Tomoya asked.

“She’s mad at me; she was the woman my father arranged to me.”

“You should be celebrating, aren’t you?” Ryota asked.

“So why is she mad at you?” Toru asked.

“She thought I knew it all along and I lied to her.”

A collective groan filled the room as he pours brandy in his shot glass.

“Yui is a Filipina right?” Ryota asked after a moment.

“How do you know?” Taka asked.

“In the Philippines when a woman is mad with her fiancée he will go to her house and sings in front of her room’s window. It is called, Haraya….ah, hanana…haya, wait, it is in the tip of my tongue, ha..hayana… Ah, I surrender, I can’t pronounce it.” Ryota said and hits Tomoya’s head.

“Why did you hit me?” Tomoya asked.

“Because I can’t pronounce it.” He said non-chantly.

“It’s your fault not mine, you should whack your head instead.” Tomoya said and whacks him in the head too.

“It’s called ‘harana’or serenade in the Philippines it is one of the things a man do to woo a woman.” Toru said without looking at them, he is busy surfing in the net.

Tomoya and Ryota got interested and join him.

“There are several things done in the Philippines to woo a girl. Like doing household chores for her and you should woo her parents first for their blessings.” Toru reads aloud.

Taka didn’t say anything and continue drinking his brandy.

Yui went to their house; it was temporary rented by his father while they were in Japan. Yui run to her room and cry to her hearts content, she can’t believe Taka lied to her. She fell asleep with tears in her eyes.

Several hours later the door open and Taka went inside, he slowly sit at the edge of her bed and covers her with blanket, wipe her tears and kiss her goodnight.

Yui’s father is in the living room waiting for him.

“Are you sure you’re going to do it?”

“Yes, I need to win her trust and her heart again.” He said determination is written all over his face.

“If I really can’t stop you then I hope my advices will help you win her.”

Yui almost faint to see Taka tending their garden with no shirt on!

Whatta hot body!

There are fans and some reporters outside the fence. She walks towards him.

“What are you doing here? I told you I don’t want to see you anymore.” She said and looks down to him.

“You’re awake, do want to eat your breakfast?” he asked instead.

“No, I want you to get out now!” she said, and then she saw something flash. She turns to the people outside.

“Get out, get out of here! You have no business here.” They run off scared.

Taka continues tending their garden.

“What are you doing Taka?”

Taka stands up and turns to her.

“I will court you the Filipino way.”

“What? You know nothing about Filipino culture.” She said and cross her arms over her chest, intimidating him but it’s useless.

“Yeah but I search in the net about how Filipino court their women, Yui I really want to court you and win you again.” He said his eyes are pleading, she look away.

“You’re just wasting your time, Taka. Go home.”

“No, I will court you until I gain your trust again.”

“Go home, Taka.” She said and turns her back to him and walks away but before she could reach the door, Taka speaks.

“I know you love me too, Yui. I feel it. And I love you. I will court you and win your heart again.”

Yui turned on the TV set and frown. Taka’s picture taken in their garden appears in the screen, he’s a hot item.

Rock star Takahiro Morita, vocalist of the famous One Ok Rock band, was seen tending his girl’s garden to earn her forgiveness. The lucky woman is Yui Rubia, a Filipina Harvard graduate and Taka’s mysterious girl. So sweet, according to his band mates, Taka is courting his fiancée the Filipino way. We hope your Girl will forgive you, Taka-san but if she didn’t there are girls waiting for you at the bay.       

Yui turns off the TV and sleep.

Taka really did his best in courting Yui again, he does household chores, gives her flowers every day but to his disappointment Yui just throw it in the trash bin, but he never lose hope, he knew deep inside that Yui felt something for him too.

After he cleaning the whole house; he was exhausted and he fell asleep in the sofa.

Yui put her bull cap on and went out of her room only to find Taka sleeping in the sofa. She tiptoed towards him; she fought the urge to caress his face, how can she stay mad with this adorable guy? Then Taka stirred to life.

“Yui…”he said gruffly.

Yui clears her throat.

“Ahm…I will go to the supermarket to buy some supplies, lock the door when you leave.” She said and turns her back.

“I’ll go with you.” He said and rose up in the sofa and gets his leather jacket.

“N-no, thanks.”

“I’ll help you carry the supplies.”

The grocery store is a few meters away from their house while they were walking; the people are staring at them.

“Don’t mind them.” He whispered.

They continue walking when a group of media cornered them; Taka immediately hugs her protectively her from the flashing cameras and the reporters asking her questions.

“Yui-dono, did you forgive Taka-san already?”

“Did Taka proposed to you?”

“No comment please. Let us through.” He said and run with Yui.

And like the first time they escape from Taka’s adoring fans, they are breathing harsh from running.

“I think you need this.” Yui said and put her bull cap on Taka’s head. She also put his sunglasses on him.

“There. I hope no one will recognize you.” She said unaware that she is smiling.

“You’re smiling at me again.” He said with a smile playing in his oh-so-kissable-lips.

“Yeah but it doesn’t mean you’re forgiven.” She snapped and walk inside the grocery store.

While they were in the grocery store, Taka grabs seven bars of Tobleron chocolate. Then he notice her gazing at him. He smile; a shy smile.

“I like chocolates.” He said and blushed.

“Yeah, I can see that.” She said.

Taka took a bite of the chocolates and smile; some of the chocolates covered his teeth. Yui burst out laughing.

“There are chocolates in your teeth, clean it in the washroom.” She said and gives him a handkerchief.

While Taka is in the washroom Yui was busy inspecting the vegetables when she caught a glimpse of a woman talking to Taka.

Taka stiffened when the woman touch his arm and casually excused himself and walk towards her, the woman frown, obviously disappointed. She smile secretly.

Sorry, girl but he’s mine.

Chapter 7

Taka carries the groceries they bought; they are heading out of the store when the rain starts to pour.

“Ugh! It’s raining. Here, take this.” Taka put his jacket on her head.

“How about you?” she asked.

“Don’t worry about me, I can take care myself.”

Together they run in the rain.

Taka is soaking wet when they returned home.

“Take a bath now Taka, you’re soaking wet.” She said and gave him a towel.

“But I don’t have extra clothes.”

“I’ll take care of it.” She said and pushed towards the bathroom.

Yui run to her father’s room and took some clothes for Taka. She put it on the sofa and went to her room to change clothes. She went out of her room and arranges their supplies in the pantry.

Taka went to the kitchen and found Yui busy arranging the supplies they brought.

“Are you hungry? What do you want me to cook?” he asked.

“It’s okay, Taka. I’ll do it, just rest. You carry all the supplies you must be tired.” She said and prepared their dinner.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. Go and rest Taka.”

Yui finish cooking their dinner and went out of the kitchen and found Taka sleeping in the sofa. She smiled Taka is so cute sleeping like a baby. She caresses his face, she frown. Taka’s skin is hot she immediately touch his neck. Oh, No! Taka has a fever.

He opens his eyes and smiled.


“How are you feeling?” she’s worried.

“It’s so cold.”

“You have a fever. I’ll take you to the hospital.” She said and about to stand up when Taka grabs her hand.

“No. I don’t want to go to the hospital, I’m okay.” He coughs.

“You’re not.”

“Then take care of me.”

“Alright. Can you walk? Let’s go to the guest room so you can rest well.” She said grabs his arms and put it on her shoulders. They are walking slowly towards the guest room; Taka’s whole weight is on her.

“You smell so sweet.” He whispers as he breathes in her neck. She felt hot all over.

“Shut up, Taka.” She said.

She gently lays Taka on the bed and covers him with blanket. She went down to the kitchen and gets some water and a towel. Minutes later she is wiping the cold towel on his arms and put it on his forehead.

She cooks porridge for him, he must eat something lighter. After cooking the porridge she went to the pharmacy to buy some medicine for him. She shortly went home and prepares the porridge for him.

“Taka wake up, you need to eat.” She said and help him rise up. He leans on the headboard and gaze at her.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

She fed Taka and gave him a medicine. She’s about to stand up when Taka held her hand.

“Don’t leave me please.”

“But you need to—” he cut her words.

“I took that awful medicine for you, please stay with me.” He taps the space beside him. Yui lay down beside him.

“How do you feel?”

“My head hurts.”

Yui gently massage Taka’s head and he smile.

“I should hate you, Taka.” She said.

“Don’t. I love you.” He whispered

“But I can’t. I love you.” she said. She turns to Taka and found him sleeping.

“Rest well, baby…”

Taka stirs and found Yui in his arms, her face buried in his chest. He smiled and went back to sleep again.

Yui gently put away Taka’s arm on her waist and put her palms on Taka’s head. He still has a slight fever.

She went out of the room and prepares a meal for him.

When she went up again, she found him sitting in the bed.

“Good morning baby!” he greeted her.

“`Morning. I prepare a light meal for you.”

“Arigatou gozaimashite, baby.”

He eats his breakfast and took his medicine without water. She gazes at him and he smiled. She went out and put the tray on the kitchen but she went up again because she forgot the glass of water in Taka’s room. She saw Taka hurled the medicine she gave to him.

“Taka! What are you doing?” she walks towards him.

“Why did you throw that medicine? Don’t you want to get well?”

Taka stares at her and said “No.”

“I don’t want to get well so you can take care of me.”

“But Taka…”

“You’re the only one I need, baby. Please forgive me. Come back to me please.”

“Taka…” Taka pulls her towards the bed and kiss her.

She gave up; she really can’t stay mad to this lovable guy. She returns his kisses with equal passion.

“See I told you I’m fine, you’re the only one I need.” He said as he catches his breath.

“Aishiterou, Takahiro.” She said harshly.

“Finally, you said those three sweet words.” He said and hugs her.

“Well, I can’t resist loving the man who proposed to me the first time we’ve met.”

Taka flash his megawatt smiled and kiss her again.

Yui is busy reading articles in her computer; she was hired as an editor in a car magazine. Suddenly she heard a commotion and she was surprised to hear Taka’s voice.

“Yui, I will serenade you. Please bear with me.” She instantly walks towards the window. She saw Taka and the rest of his band in front of their building. Taka is holding a megaphone.

Her officemates are swooning, the boys are cheering. Seconds later Taka is singing.

My baby, sweet baby

I see you smiling when I close my eyes

’cause I miss you, I need you right now…”

Her officemates and the people nearby scream.

“My baby, sweet baby oh

 itsumo sunao ni dekinai boku wo

anata wa yasashiku tsutsunde kureru yuiitsu no hito dayo…”

Her eyes become teary as she listens to Taka’s song for her.

“Do you believe in destiny?

‘Cause I can’t deny, baby you and I

naze bokura ga koko ni iru no ka?

deau beki futari ga deatta to shitara bokura

donna konnan mo koereru ne?

tsugou yoku kangaete

mata kimi wo komarasete

sonna fuu ni kyou mo mata boku wa kimi ni amaesugi

‘cause only I can drive you crazy…”

Her officemates urge her to go out, even her lady boss.

“Take the rest day an off. Congratulation and best wishes.” her boss said and pushes her towards the elevator. Taka is still singing his hearts out.

naa baby, please tell me? oh

kotoba janakute ii kara

tada tonari de hohoen de kurereba sore dake de ii kara sa”


“The world’s in a hurry

bokura no jikan wa tomete okou

There’s nothing to worry

toki wa bokura wo tsuresare wa shinai yo…”

She put off her high heeled shoes and runs out of the building. Taka saw her. He looks at her in the eyes as he sings.

“Ohh, My sweet Baby…”

She run towards him and draw herself in his arms.

“I love you, Baby.” He said. Their audience cheered.

“I know.” She said with tears in her eyes, she can’t believe she cried because of too much joy.

“But before I kiss you again…” he said kneeled before her and opens a box; inside of it is an engagement ring.

“Will you marry me?” he asked.

The crowd say “Yes!” she laughed.

“Of course, I will marry you.”

The crowd as Taka put the ring on her finger and kiss her for the entire world to see, there are cameras flashing but Yui don’t mind. The only important to her is Taka who is kissing her passionately.



Yui is standing at the terrace, it was a wonderful evening looking at the sky, the stars are twinkling like her eyes. She and Taka are now officially Mr. and Mrs. Morita. They had a beach wedding attended only by their family and friends. They are saying vows to each other as the sun sets giving a romantic atmosphere.

“The first time I saw you, you were looking at the sky.” Taka interrupts her reverie. He was leaning in the door frame, watching her.

“I like looking at the sky.” She said and continues star gazing. Taka hugs her from behind. They are watching the sky together.

Taka finally convinced by his father to manage their business, but Taka continues being a singer.

“A Singer and a businessman at the same time? Not bad.” She heard he said to his father while they were in his study room the day before the wedding. As for her relationship with her father, she thanked him for giving Taka as her husband. It’s true that father knows best, she’s just slightly sad because her mother was not there to witness her only daughter getting married.

Taka is humming.

“Is that a new song?” she asked.

“Nope, it’s a Stevie Wonder’s song. `You want me to sing for you?” she nods and turns to face him.

“My outer self looks happy as can be

A perfect dream love as clear as all can see

But just like that, real, has hit me suddenly

My outer is a liar…

“Cause when I look inside my heart and I tell the truth to me

Loud and clear my soul cries out with total honesty

I need the fire, fire, fire to keep me warm

I got to feel the fire…”

“My smiling face, with laughter on the side

You’d say no doubt I get passion every night

But if in our bed your arms don’t hold me tight

Means it leaves much to be desired”

He sings as he slowly dips down his head. His hand is in her nape caressing her hair while the other one is in her waist and pull her closer and caressed her back. He swept her off her feet and walk towards the master bedroom without breaking their kiss. He gently lay her down and she pulls him down with her. They undressed each other.

Taka made love to her. He kissed her every part of her body.

“You’re Mine…” Taka said between kisses.

At the back of her mind she could hear him singing.

“I need your fire, fire, fire to keep me warm

I got to feel the fire

I need the fire, fire, fire to keep me warm

I got to feel the fire…”


Credits: Agatha Sambajon

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The Lonely Rock Star (part 4 & 5)

ONE OK ROCK at Countdown Japan 13/14
*credits go to the owner of this photo

Chapter 4

But Taka is still throwing his fist in the air. Then to her surprise he kiss her, it was just a smack in the lips but it made her heart beats faster. She stares at Taka, what’s with this man that is making her heartbeat faster?

“Takahiro, we can’t be together you know that.” She said formally. It’s more of a reminder to her.

“I know, but I want you to be my girl even for just a short period of time. Now I will sing for you.”

Taka stood up and held out a hand.

“Let’s dance.” He said.

“But there’s no music.”

“I told you I will sing for you. Come on.”

He folded her in his arms as she lean her head on his chest and closed her eyes. Taka starts to sing.

“I wanna dance like no one’s watching me,

I wanna love like it’s the only thing I know

I wanna laugh from the bottom of my heart

I wanna sing like every single notes and word it’s all for you

Is this enough?”

His voice is raspy as he sang near her ear; it’s more like a whisper.

“I wanna tell you and this is the only way I know

And hope one day you’ll learn the words and say

That you finally see what I see

Another song for you about your love

’cause you love the me that’s full of faults

I wish you could see it from this view

’cause everything around you is a little bit brighter from your love”

“I wanna dance the nights away with you

I wanna love because you taught me to

I wanna laugh all your tears away

I wanna sing ’cause every single note and word it’s just for you

Hope it’s enough?

I wanna tell you and this is the only way I know

And hope one day you’ll learn the words and say

That you finally see, how I feel”

Taka hugs her close to his body as if she was his lifeline. She met his gaze; he’s still singing as he lower down his head to her.

“…Not a day goes by that I don’t think

About you and the love you’ve given me

I wish you could see it from this view

’cause everything around you is a little bit brighter from your love

Life is just so much better from your love.” 

She is about to close her eyes and wait for his lips when Taka’s phone rings. Then suddenly the magic was gone. He picks up the phone from his pocket. She tried to struggle from his hold but he didn’t let her, he looks at her as he talks to the other line. She didn’t understand what he was saying because he is speaking in nihonggo.

“I have to go, I forgot we have a rehearsal today.” He said.


“Gomen ne sai.”

“I don’t mind. Go.”

Taka is about to open the door when he turn to her.

“I forgot something.” He said and walks towards her again.

He tilts her chin up and kiss her. It’s a short but deep kiss. Taka smiled and walk out of her house.

Taka and the rest of the band are packing their things; they will go back to Japan. It’s been three days since he last saw Yui, his baby. She doesn’t want to go out with him again and he didn’t force himself to her but he followed her secretly not only to see her beautiful face but to make sure she is safe.

“I’m so excited to go home.” Toru said and hop in the bus heading to the airport.

The others step inside the bus except for Taka.

“Oi, Taka we’re goin’ to be late. Come on dude.”

“I…I need to see her, you guys go to the airport without me.” He said.

“What?! Hey!” Toru shouted.

“No way!” Ryota said.

But Taka run towards the taxi bay and get inside the cab. He immediately went out of the car and knock on Yui’s door. Yui open the door and he immediately hugs her as they walk inside the house.

“Taka? What are you doing here?”

“I just want to see you before I leave.”

“You’re leaving?”


“I see.”

“If you are sad and alone listen to the songs here, and you will remember our good times together, and I hope it will make you smile again.” He said and handed her i-pad and headed to the door. When Taka left her tears starts to fall.

“Goodbye, Taka. Thanks for the memories.” She said and put her headset on and listens to Taka’s song.

“I’m telling you

I softly whisper

Tonight tonight

You are my angel…

aishite’ru yo

futari wa hitotsu ni

Tonight tonight

I just say…

Wherever you are, I always make you smile

Wherever you are, I’m always by your side

Whatever you say, kimi o omou kimochi

I promise you “forever” right now

It’s been one month since Taka left the States but he never failed to send her fresh roses twice a week. Yui smile when she saw the flowers at her front door. She picks up the flowers and close the door. There was a card, she smile as she reads it.

Congrats! Happy Graduation! Good luck on your speech, ganbatte. 

It was her graduation today, and she will give a speech as a magna cum laude. She didn’t know how Taka manages to know about her speech but she was happy that he still cared.

After she gave her speech the students were called to get their diplomas, after the graduation ceremony. Her dad said they have to leave immediately; she didn’t able to come to the graduation ball.

“I thought we will leave next week, why the sudden change of schedule Dad?”

“We have to leave immediately, there’s a problem in the company, and you know how demanding my work is.”

“Yeah, you’re always working. You don’t have time for me.”

“This is for your own good.”

But Yui just put her earphones and listen to Taka’s songs. They’ve been arguing about this since she was in grade school, his father doesn’t have time for her since her mother died, her father blamed her for her mother’s death. Her mother has a rheumatic heart disease and she cannot bear a child because of her weak heart. But her mother wanted to give her husband a child. Unfortunately she died after giving birth to her.

Yui frowned when she walk out of the plane.

“Dad, what are we doing here in Japan?”

“You’ll meet your fiancé.”

“What? No. I told you won’t marry a stranger.” She said turn to face her father.

“I don’t have time for your tantrums, you will meet him whether you like it or not.”

“Tantrums? It’s my future were talking about here.”

“You will have a good future with him.”

“No.” she said and cross her arms over her chest.

“Don’t argue with me.”

Great! This is so f*cking great.

Inside the restaurant, while they were waiting for her fiancé to arrive Yui is singing to mock his father while her father is glaring to her.

“I can’t make my own decisions
Or make any with precision
Well, maybe you should tie me up
So I don’t go where you don’t want me

“Don’t embarrass me, when he’s here.” He said tightly. But she just mocks him and continue singing.

….Oh, oh, oh, oh
You don’t have to believe me
But the way I, way I see it
Next time you point a finger
I might have to bend it back
Or break it, break it off

If God’s the game that you’re playing
Well, we must get more acquainted
Because it has to be so lonely
To be the only one who’s holy

It’s just my humble opinion
But it’s one that I believe in
You don’t deserve a point of view
If the only thing you see is you….

Chapter 5

 Well if she can’t make her father change his mind, maybe she can make her “fiancé” change his decision about the wedding.

After several minutes his father receives a call.

“It’s your fiancé’s father, he said your fiancé has some commitments and he can’t make it here today.”

“Yey! `Cause I don’t have plans to meet him.” She claps her hands.


“What?” she snap.

But her father just glared at her.

Taka is glaring at his father, his father wanted to meet his unknown fiancée.

“I won’t meet her.” He said gravely.

“You will meet her, and that’s final.”

“Meet her yourself! I have a scheduled recording today.” He said and shut the door behind him.

He zip up his leather jacket and went to the garage and drive his SSC Ultimate Aero. The cameras are flashing as he speeds up. There are paparazzi outside his house, the downside of being famous, he made a face. Good thing he brought his supercar.

He was in the studio’s parking lot when Toru in his Lamborghini Aventador shows up. They started recording after they prepared the instruments.

Yui is waiting for a taxi cab; it was almost midnight when the cosplay convention end. She went cautious when two men walk towards her; the place where she is standing was kinda dark.

“Hey, there sexy. Do you want to come with us, Miss?” the fat one said.

“No, leave me alone.” She snaps.

“Come with us, it will be fun.” The other guy said and grabs her arm. She struggle to free from his grip, she kick him in the balls and tried to run but the other guy caught her.

“No, leave me alone.” She starts screaming.

“Help, somebody! Help me.” She desperately shouts in the deserted parking lot.

Taka is walking out of their studio, his band mates went off somewhere after their recording while he stayed to submit some lyrics to their producer. He was alarm when he heard someone screaming. He runs out of the establishment, she saw a woman desperately trying to free herself from the two men.

“Help, somebody help me!”

He immediately attacks those men, and because he is smaller it’s easier for him to avoid their assaults. Several moments later the two men was declared knockout and some guards from their building went out and the lights in the whole parking lot went on.

“T-Takahiro.” She said and to his delight she hugs him.

Taka was surprise to see Yui; she is crying and her whole body is shaking. It’s a good thing he stayed in the studio little longer; he can’t imagine what will happen to her if he left early.

“You’re safe now, Baby. Everything is fine now. Hush now.” He hugs her tightly,

He frees himself from her embrace and punch those guys again. He is mad, so mad. They almost hurt his girl and that’s unforgivable.

“Taka, stop it, stop it please. You’re killing them.” She tried to stop him.

“That’s what I intend to do.” He said and utters a curse.

Yui hugs him from behind and the guards of the building together with some police came.

“Sir, what happened?” the police asked.

“These guys are harassing my girl. Take them to the precinct.” He said and hugs Yui again.

“Sir, we need you to come with us in the station to get your statement.” The police said.

“Can we blotter it tomorrow? My girl is still in shock, I need to take care of her.”

“Certainly, Sir.”

When the police mobiles were gone, Taka carry her to his car. She is sitting in his lap.

“Are you hurt?” he asked and inspect if she has wounds.

“I’m okay, Taka.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes.” But her fear didn’t lessen. She’s still crying.

“Stop crying baby. Everything is fine now.”

Yui wipe her nose and tears with her hands.

“I’m sorry I don’t have a hanky with me, use my shirt instead.” He offers his shirt but Yui refuse.

“When did you came here?” he asked

“Only yesterday, I’ve been in a reunion with some of my friends.”

“I miss you so much.” Taka said and hugs her tight. He nuzzles her hair.

She missed him too. She always wonders how he’d been doing.

“Come on, I’ll take you home.”

“No home, I was checked in a hotel.”

“I see, Are staying here for good or you’re just having a vacation?”

“I think I will stay here for good, my dad is pushing me to marry the guy he chose to be my husband.”

Taka didn’t say anything, he focus on the road. Few minutes later he parks the car in front of a hotel.

“Are you sure you’re fine here?”

“Yes, don’t go out of the car, I’ll take it from here. Thank you for saving me, Taka.” She said and bows a little.

He starts his car when Yui step inside the lobby. Yui wave her hand goodbye, Taka smiled.

Yui scratch her messy hair as she headed to the door.

“Ohayou, Baby!” Taka greets her.

“Good morning.” She let him in.

“Did I disturb you?” he asked and offers her flowers.

“Nope, but can you wait here? I’ll just change.” She said.

“Sure, take your time baby.”

Several minutes later, she was all-dress. She walk out of the bedroom and found Taka sitting in a sofa, sleeping. She smiled;she really loves to touch his face and his soft, messy hair.

Taka grabs her hand in his face, kisses her knuckles and slowly opens his eyes.

“Hey, there gorgeous!”

“You’re tired Taka you should be resting.”

“I really like it when you cared for me. Let’s go out, I want to spend the day with you.”

They are scrolling in the park when a group of girls run towards Taka screaming.

“Taka! Taka, OMG, he’s here!” their screams caught attention; the people starts whispering while staring at them, at Taka. The girls are all over him, she forgot that Taka is a very popular in Japan.

“Let’s get out of here.” He said and grabs her hand and run.

They’re running out of breath when they finally stop running.

“I almost forgot, I’m quite popular here, unlike in the States and Europe I can go wherever I want without cover up.” Taka said, still catching his breath as his hands grip on his knees.

“Yeah, hah! I’m thirsty.” She said still catching her breath.

They immediately hide in the bushes when they saw a group of men.

“Where did they go? We have to get the young master.” The leader said.

“The people said they run toward this direction, they’re just here somewhere.”

Taka’s chinky eyes narrow, his fist clench. He’s mad.

“I need to talk to my dad, I didn’t know I was being followed by the security, those are my bodyguards by the way.”

“I see. Why are they after you?”

“I dunno. Come, I don’t want to risk of being known again, I’ll take you home.”

“Okay.” Their eyes are roaming around to see if someone is following them, and suspiciously went inside the car.

Taka is driving when his phone rings.

“Mushi, mushi.” It’s his father.

“Come to our house now and bring your girl with you.” He said and hangs up the phone.

Taka stared at his phone like it is some alien creature.

“What’s wrong, Takahiro?”

“Nothing, baby. Come to my house someone wants to meet you.”

“What? Who?” she bemused.

“You’ll see.” He said and turns his car to the opposite lane.

They entered in a grand mansion.

“Where’s my father?” Taka asked one of the maids.

“They are in the library, Sir.”

“I see.” Taka took her hand and knock on the door before they entered.

Yui was surprise to see his father inside the library.

“Dad? What are you doing here?” she asked. But her father smiled.

“So you knew each other already. I think we need to set the date now.” Taka’s father said.

“W-what date? What is happening here?” she’s nervous she hoped that she is wrong with her gut feeling.

“You don’t know, my dear girl? Takahiro is your fiancé.” Taka’s father said.

Taka was stunned but he kept his cool and stares impassively to the two people who set them up, while Yui is in a verge of panic. He glances to Yui that is quietly eating a chocolate cake while their fathers are talking about the wedding. He squeeze her hand but Yui free her hand on his grip. Now he knew she is mad not only to him but to everyone in the room.

He caught the attention of their fathers.

“Dad, can we plan the wedding some other time?” he asked.


“I want to court Yui formally and we want to know each other more before jumping into marriage.” He said, Yui is gaping at him, he turn to her and smile.

“Alright, if that’s what you want.” Yui’s father agreed.

“And if you’ll excuse us, we have to go; we were in a date when you called us.” He said and their fathers look pleased.

Credits: Agatha Sambajon

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The Lonely Rock Star (part 2 & 3)

ONE OK ROCK at Countdown Japan 13/14
*credits go to the owner of this photo

Chapter 2

“Just give me a reason to keep my heart beating

Don’t worry its safe right here in my arms…”

Yui’s jaw almost drops when she saw the vocalist of that rock band.

It’s him. That’s the crazy guy!

To Yui’s amazement she found herself enjoying their song.

“Just tell me what Baby,

They might call me crazy

For saying I’ll fight until there is no more

Urei fukunda senkou gankou wa kankakuteki shoudou

Blinded I can’t see the end

So where do I begin?”

After the performance; the interview begun.

“This is the first time you will launch your album in U.S. right?”

“Yes.” Taka answered.

“Did you guys, composed all the songs in every album?”

“We brainstorm for the best theme and all that but usually Taka do the lyrics while we do the melody, instrumentals and arrangements.” Toru said.

“In composing songs do you rely on inspiration?”

“Sometimes, like in our new single notes n words.” Taka said.

“What’s your inspiration or should I say who was your inspiration was when you composed notes n words?”

Taka smiled.

“A woman.” The audience yell and so the students in Harvard. Yui cupped her ears.

“And her name is?”

“It’s a secret but I have her picture here in my wallet.” The audience yell once more.

“Is she your girl?”

“Yes, she’s my fiancée and I really miss her.” He gave the picture to the host and the camera focus on the woman looking in the sky with a smile on her face.

Yui’s eyes went wide. It’s her!

Oh no! It’s me, he took pictures of me. He’s really crazy! And he said I am his fiancée? Hell no!

“She’s beautiful. Where did you meet her?”

“In a park, I was busy taking pictures when the lens of my camera focused on her. I took her pictures then, pretty isn’t she?”

“Is this means you’re in love?” the audience cheered.

But Taka just smiled.

Yui run towards her car and immediately speed out of the university. She needs to talk to him, how dare him! But she didn’t able to go inside of the studio; the security didn’t let her in.

It’s been weeks since Taka announced about his ‘engagement’ with the girl in the picture and there are girls who claim to be his fiancée but Taka remain silent about these and that made the media go wild and the story about him and the mysterious girl are trending in the social sites for weeks now. He really missed her, but he can’t go to the park where they first met because people can recognized him, but he’s still hoping that she will be there, he used his telescope to know if she came back, he sits in front of his window and search around for her but at every end of the day she didn’t came back.

Yui went to the studio again hoping she will have the chance to talk to Taka but the security always blocks her way.

“I am Yui and I’m the girl in the picture.”

“Do you see those girls; they are claiming that they were the woman in the picture just like you.” The guard said sternly. True enough, the girls are wearing the same dress she wore when she and Taka met. But she is a very persistent person. She went out of the crowd and go to the back. There’s no one there.


She slowly went for the door, it’s not lock. Her eyes roam around to see if someone is watching then she went inside the room; it’s the band’s dressing room.

Taka went to the studio; he forgot his favorite jacket in the dressing room. He parked the car at the back of the dressing room. He put on his bull cap and Oakley shades and went out of his car.

Yui was roaming around the room when the door knob clicks; she put the lights off and hides at the back of the door. A man wearing a bull cap and shades went inside the room and looks like he is searching for something. An intruder!

She immediately grab something to hit the man, he was about to smash him when he turn. She hit him in the head and put the lights on. Her eyes went wide when she recognized the man. It was Taka himself!

“Goodness, I’m so sorry.” She said.

Taka was surprise when someone beat him in the head; he shut his eyes close when the lights went on.

“Awww….” He groan his hands are in his head.

“Goodness, I’m so sorry.” A voice said. It was familiar. When he opens his eyes, he found a woman and her face is so close to him, the woman who haunted him in his sleep, the woman in the park. Because of his longing for her, he didn’t able to control himself and cross the distance between them and kiss her.

Yui was surprise when she felt Taka’s lips in her. It was her first kiss; this crazy guy was her first kiss!


She struggle to free from his grasp but he simply pull her to him. The next thing she knew he was on top of her. Taka’s kiss is searing, and she can’t believe that she was moaning. Then he abruptly ends the kiss.

“I can’t believe you’re here! You’re really here.” He said hoarsely. His breathing his harsh and so is she, their kiss was breath taking.

“Please don’t run away from me again.”

“G-get off me.” She said and struggles to free herself. Taka helps her to get up.

“What are you doing here?” he asked.

“I…I want to talk to you.” She said and Taka smiled.

“`You miss me too?” his grinning from ear to ear.

“What? No, and why did you announced that I was engaged to you?” she said with a frown.

“Well, I did that to find you, you didn’t came to the park since the day we met and I proposed to you, remember?” He said sadly.

“I…I, ahm…” she was speechless! She didn’t know that he was searching for her until that day.

“It’s okay…I’m sorry if I scared you when we first met but can you tell me your name?”

“Why would I give you my name?” she snapped. Taka became silent but he smiled and said:

“If you don’t want to tell me your name I will call you ‘My Baby’ instead.”

“What? It’s—”

“Hep. Its okay, my Baby.”

Yui’s eyes went wide when she saw blood streaming down on Taka’s temple.

“You’re bleeding! Let’s go to the hospital.”

“Hospital? No, we can’t go there; the reporters will have a feast if they know this.”

“But you need medical attention!” she said panicking.

“I’m glad you cared for me, my Baby.” He said and fondly gaze at her. She avoided his gaze.

“I’m not, but it’s my fault that you got hurt.” She scowled.

“It’s okay; let’s go to your house then.”

“What? No we can’t. What if someone saw you and—” he cut her words.

“Aww…My head hurts.” He said and that made her feel guilty.

“Alright, let’s go to my house.”

“Let’s use your car so no one will suspect.” He said and he casually puts his arms around her shoulder.

“Hands off.” She snapped.

“I can’t, my head hurts.” He said and put his head on her shoulder. She could feel his hot breath in her neck. And her heart is beating faster. She needs to get away from him, he is waking something in her and she is scared to know what it was.


They went inside her car. The atmosphere grew thick when she starts to drive. Though she can’t see him she could still feel his gaze.

“Stop it.”

“What?” he asked.

“You’re staring at me.”


“Didn’t you know that staring is rude?”

“I was absent when the teacher taught that or maybe I was sleeping.”

“You sleep in the class?”

“Not only that, I don’t wear uniform, I used to wear Kurt Cobain t-shirts.” He grins.

“Who’s Kurt Cobain?”

“My Idol, but he died early. I even do a cover on one of his songs, `you know the song smell like teen spirit?”


“Okay. You’re grumpy you know that?”


He laughs.

“You’re really grumpy.”

“And you’re annoying.”

And there was silence.

Moments later Yui talked.

“Aren’t you going to apologize?”

“For what?”

“You…kissed…me.” She said. She could feel her cheeks burning.


“‘Ahhh’ what?”

“I apologize because I scared the hell out of you that’s why you hit me but I won’t apologize for the kiss.”

 Chapter 3

“What? You brute.” she turn to him.

“You heard me, eyes on the road. I don’t want to die just yet.” She composed herself and focus on driving.

“Why?” she asked.

“My Baby, when you kissed someone never says sorry.”

“No, you need to apologize.”

“Why, Am I your first kiss?”

“Nope.” She said but she blushed.

“I am your first kiss right? I knew it.”

“Shut up or I will hit your head again.” She said.

“Fine. But I’m your first kiss! Sugoi!” he said and throw his fists in the air.

She’s amused. For a 25 year old guy, Taka behaved like a 10 year old boy.

Yui is in the kitchen preparing a snack and the first aid kit for him.

“What’s that?” he whispers in her ear.

Yui gasped.

“Ah, a snack and a first aid kit.” She said and walk towards the living room. Taka followed her and sits beside her.

“Don’t move.” She said and starts to clean his wound.

But she can’t concentrate on nursing his wound because she gets conscious on Taka’s gaze.

“Why don’t you sit on my lap?” he asked.


“So you can clean my wound further.”

“N-no, thanks.”

“Come on my Baby don’t be shy. Sit here.” He pats his lap.

“No.” she blushed.

“It’s only natural to sit on your fiancé’s lap.”

“We’re not engaged.” Her eyes went wide.

“I just announced about us, last week.”

“But that’s a lie.”

Taka lifts her and let her sit in his lap.

“Yeah, but I won’t let you out of my sight again, so I will do everything to keep you.”

Yui felt her cheeks burning, goodness! She wanted to scream, her heart is beating faster as she stared in his chocolate brown eyes.

“You’re impossible! We just met.”

“Exactly, I want to know you more.”

Yui didn’t say a word and continue nursing his wounds.

“Are you free tomorrow, I want to ask you out.”

“I have classes tomorrow.”

“Saturday then.”

“I’m busy on Saturday.”

“How about Sunday?”

“I’m busy.”

“Okay, I’ll help on weekends so we can go out.”

Yui sighed.

“You really won’t stop.”

“I won’t stop until you will go out with me.”

“You’re so persistent.”

Yui and Taka spend the weekends together; Taka had to disguise himself to go out with Yui.

“What are your plans after graduation?” he said while eating. They were in a Japanese restaurant.

“How do know about my graduation?”

“I saw your I.D in your purse.”

“I see. Well, I don’t know but I don’t want to stay here in U.S. its lonely here.”

“You can come with me.”

“What? Where?”

“To Japan. I will come back to Japan; do you want to come with me?”

“I dunno. Maybe I will visit my dad in the Philippines.”

“You’re a Filipino? But you look like Japanese.”

“My mom is a Japanese while my dad is a Filipino.”

“I really wish you will come with me in Japan.” He said and smile at her. Yui avoid his gaze, she didn’t want to come with him, still he is a stranger to her. He remember her father told her about the arrange marriage.

“Taka, I’m sorry but I can’t go out with you again, this will be the last time I will go out with you.”


“I-I have a fiancé, I was arrange by my father.”

“But you can always say ‘no.’”

“I can’t disobey my father.”

Suddenly Taka’s expressive eyes became cold and emotionless and so his face, it was void of emotion.

“I’m sorry.” She said few moments later. She thought that Taka will leave her but to her surprised he stayed.

“I told you I will keep you as long as I could.”


“Don’t argue, Yui.” He whispers. That was the first time he called her by her name.

Taka together with Yui went to the band studio. Taka introduced her to his band mates.

“So you are the infamous ‘fiancée’” Toru commented.

“You’re beautiful, no wonder Taka got hook.” Tomoya said.

She watched them record their new songs inside the control room.  It’s a love song though she can’t understand it, she love the melody and the way Taka sing it.

Taka is singing while staring to Yui in the control room. His band mates are grinning from ear to ear; enjoying a private joke. They went for a break after recording two songs. His band mates together with the technical crew went out of the studio leaving Taka and Yui.

“Listen to this; it is one of my favourites.” He said and sits beside her.

Here with you now I am good, still miss you

I don’t know what I can do, we can’t be true….

Taka is playing the piano as he stole a glance at her direction her.

“Cuz we, we can see how it’s gonna end

But I got my love for you

Moshimo konomama kimi wo wasureru koto ga de ki tara…

His eyes are sparkling with sadness as he sang

“…I shouldn’t be in your heart

Either the time we have spent

And I want you to know what the truth is

But sometimes it makes me feel so sick Oh no

I just can’t say to you, No I won’t…”

Taka closed his eyes as he sang the last part of the song.

“…Yes, we always wish tonight could last forever

I can be your side…”

Yui understand what Taka feels but she can’t let herself fall for him, his father already chose a husband for her, her fate was sealed. It’s sad but for now she wants to be happy…with Taka. She put her head on his shoulder she felt Taka kiss her hair.

They spent time together, having fun, they do stupid things but they’re happy.

Yui is gazing Takahiro’s face as he sleeps like a baby. He is sleeping in her lap while she brush her fingers through his messy but soft hair. She gasps when he caught her fingers.

“What are you doing?”

“Your hair is unruly Takahiro, I just comb it.” Taka smiled.

“Aishite imasu, Yui-san.” He whispers as his eyes are sparking with happiness? Love?

“What?” she asked.

“You don’t understand nihonggo?”

“Nope, I was born in the Philippines and my mother didn’t able to teach me nihonggo because she died giving birth to me.”

“Gome ne sai. I mean I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay; I got used to be alone.”

But he rise up from her lap and hugs her.

“You’re not alone anymore…at least for now.”

“I know.” Yui said and smile.

“Say, Aishite imasu Taka.” He said and grins.


“Just say it.”

“No, I don’t know what aishite- whatever that means.”

“Come on, just say it.” He insists.

“You’re being childish again, Takahiro.”

“Say it please.” He said and clasps his hands together and pout. And how can she resist Taka pouting his lips so cute?

“Fine. Aishite imasu, Takahiro.”

“Yey! You’re my girl now.”

“What?! No!”


Credits: Agatha Sambajon

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The Lonely Rock Star

Written by: Agatha Sambajon

ONE OK ROCK at Countdown Japan 13/14
*credits go to the owner of this photo

Chapter 1

Taka is strumming his guitar for hours but to his surprise no words come to his mind and he has to compose songs for their next album. He stood up from his messy bed and walk towards the window, the snow start to melt. Their band is in U.S for concert tour but his mind is in Tokyo, his father’s voice still echoed in his mind. Before his flight in U.S his ottou-san said something terrible to him.

Taka opens the door and found his father at the back of his table.

“When you come back from States, I expect you to bring a wife.” He said

“A wife! But I’m only 25!”Taka exclaimed.

“You are already 25 and still you act like a child. Being a vocalist is not a career at all, why don’t you manage our business? He said with disgust.

They had the same argument since he was 20. His ottou-san wants him to manage their family business but his heart is in music, he loves singing and entertaining people through his music.

“What is marriage got to do with that?”

“Your wife can tame you and maybe she can convince you to manage our business.”

Taka laughs.

“No woman can tame me, father. I love music and no one will change that.”

“Well aside from that, I want a grandson. I’m getting old and you should give me grand children to spoil.”

“You talk as if you’re going to die.”

“I’m dying my son.” His father said and manages a cough but he knows better.

“Yeah right, tell that to the marines. I need to pack my things, sayonara outto-san.” he said but before he reaches the door his father talks again that made him turn to him.

“If you don’t bring a wife with you, I will arrange you with one of my associates’ daughters.”

“You can’t seriously do that!”

“I can, and I’m serious, bring a wife and gave me a grandchild or I’ll disown you.”

But why this bothers him now?

Nah, I’m just distracted. I need an inspiration.

He picks up his Nikon DSLR and walk out of his hotel room. Unlike in Japan, he is free to wander around without reporters following him. He began to take photos; he loves to take pictures of nature and candid shots. He’s fascinated how the camera captures emotions. He is busy taking pictures from the bench where he was sitting. He moves his camera from different direction when someone caught his attention. He zoom the lens to clearly see the face of a woman who is looking up in the sky while smiling, her hair is blowing against the wind, and she looks so carefree. Taka smile as the shutter clicks.


But he was alarm when the woman starts to walk away. With no particular reason he run towards her.

“Miss! Miss wait up.” He said.

I need to know even just her name.

He caught her arm and she turns to him, confusion is written all over her face. Taka thought he saw an angel when the woman faces him, deep set chocolate brown eyes that match with a bow shape natural red lips, she wears no makeup. Taka gazes at the innocent beauty in front of him.

“Yes?” the woman asked.

“Ah, ahm…” Taka lost for words. What is he going to asked again? And his thoughts goes riot even more when the woman smile at him.

Then he remembers his father told to him.

“Come back from States and bring a wife.”

“Can you be my fiancée?” he asked instead.

The woman’s eyes went wide and struggle from his clasps.

Yui is talking to his father via telephone.

“No, Father I don’t want to marry, I’m too young to get married.” She said with controlled voice.

“Twenty-two is an ideal age for a woman to marry.” His father reason out.

“But I want to enjoy my single life first before I settle down.”

“You can enjoy your life to the fullest when you get married.”

“No, Father. I won’t marry a stranger.”

“You two can meet when he return from States.”

“States? He’s here?”

“Yes, his name is—” she cut her father’s words.

“I don’t care! I don’t want to marry and that’s final.” She said and hangs up the phone before her father complains.

She walks out of the phone booth and scroll in the park when she noticed the clouds formation. She smiled. She really loves nature, too bad she didn’t bring her camera with her. She stares the clouds for a while and started walking again, when someone shout.

“Miss! Miss, wait up!”

When she turns around, a guy caught her arm.

Anime. That is the first thing that comes in her mind as she stares at the guy in front of her. The guy wasn’t that tall, his hair is messy, and his jeans looks like it haven’t been in the laundry for weeks and his polo is crumpled but when her gaze went to his face, she felt like a hand tugged her heart. Kami, the man is handsome in ragged way!

“Ah…Ahm…” the man stuttered. That made her smile; she always thought that all men in general has over-bloated ego but this one seems a shy guy. When he saw her smile, the man blush, he blushed! That was the first time she saw a man blushed. And when he talked, he has the sexiest voice she ever heard. Low, husky voice and according to her book, it is called sexy voice but she was caught off guard with what he asked.

“Can you be my fiancée?” he asked in a low seductive voice.

“E-excuse me?” she asked. She was so disappointed, this man is crazy! She turn down his father’s arrange marriage to be asked again by a stranger. How great!

“I’m serious, can you be my fiancée?” Mr. Ragged handsome with sexy voice asked.

“N-no, I’m sorry! I gotta go.” She said and run.

“Miss! Miss wait! I didn’t get your name, how will I find you?!”

Taka run after her but it was too late, she went inside a cab. He stares at the cab until it was out of his sight. He sits in one of the bench and brushes his fingers on his already messy hair.

Stupid, you’re so stupid Taka! You let her runaway without knowing her name, now how will you find her?!

Then he remembers the camera that hangs in his neck and he smiled. Definitely he will see her again. He went to their concert venue with a stupid grin on his face.

“What’s up? You seem happy, what happened?” Toru asked Taka as soon as he went inside their dressing room.

“Nothing.” Taka said and sat in one of the chair and put his feet over another chair in front of him.

“You look like joker, grinning from ear to ear because of nothing?” Tomoya asked.

“I just proposed a marriage to a girl today.”

“Whaaaaat????!!!!” Toru, Tomoya and Ryota’s voices echoed in the four corners of their dressing room.

“How the hell did that happened dude?” Tomoya asked.

“Are you crazy?!” Ryota screamed right in Taka’s face.

Taka smacks Ryota’s face away from him.

“It’s true; I just proposed a marriage a while ago.”

“But you don’t have a girlfriend.” Toru said a matter-of-factly.

“I have now.” He said as he fills his memory of the woman he just met.

After an hour, they’re in the stage performing for their fans.

Taka walks to the park everyday where she met her, hoping she will be there again but luck is not with him. It’s been five days since the first time he saw her.

“When will I see you again?” he said as he stared to her picture in his wallet. Yes, he had the picture printed and put it in his wallet.

Toru went to Taka’s room but he didn’t find him there, he asked the hotel manager and said Taka is scrolling in the park every afternoon. He found him sitting in one of the benches.

“Hey dude, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing, I just want to see her.”


“Her.” He said and gives him a picture, a woman’s picture.

“Is this the same woman you’re talking about last time?”

“Yes, I met her here, in this park. I haven’t seen her for five days.”

“You said you proposed to her right? We will launch our new album tomorrow; you can announce your engagement to her, you can easily find her with that.”

“Thanks man.”

Yui is in the classroom waiting for the professor. While her classmates are busy squealing over some guy, she reviews her notes for their weekly quiz. She’s an exchange student in Harvard school of Communication, she is currently in her last year and she will graduate next month. His father is a businessman in the Philippines but he has business partners in Japan that help him in exporting their company’s products across Asia.

“Oh my Gosh, Taka is so handsome last night!” one of her classmate exclaimed.

“You watched their concert? You’re so lucky Girl, I didn’t get the chance to watch last night.”

“Oh yes, One ok Rock is so cool!”

One Ok Rock? Maybe it’s one of those gay boy bands from Korea.

Yui was pissed off with her classmates squealing like a banshee. She puts on her earplug and ignores them. Her classmates are always like that, screaming and ogling boys like there’s no tomorrow.

It is unusual crowded in the University Lobby where she used to spend her break. The students are gathered in front of a flat screen TV.

“OMG! One Ok Rock will launch their new album today and I heard Taka will announce something.”

“Really? What could that be?”

The students scream when the show started. The host made a few introductions.

“I know you are all excited for our episode today and I won’t keep you guys waiting. To sing ‘The Beginning’ here’s One Ok Rock.”

*credits: Agatha Sambajon

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A One Ok Rock Story for Valentines

for valentines! 🙂

The Musical Notebook

Today is a very special day since it’s Valentines! For those who are spending their time with their loved ones, I hope you are having a blast enjoying this moment. And for those single ladies and lads out there like me, this day is OURS too!

Let me share to you a wonderful story made by one of our *P.O.O.R. friends named Agatha. I’ve read this synopsis two days ago and I thought that other OOR fans should read this too! It’s really a great story line!

She’s currently working on to some finishing touches and hopefully when it’s done, I get to share her final work in the days to come.

Thanks again Agatha for creating this beautiful masterpiece. Thank you also for giving me permission to share this.

Enjoy reading our friend’s work and Happy Valentine’s Day!

The Lonely Rock star (Teaser)

Taka is strumming his guitar for…

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