What Dreams May Mean

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I dream my entire life every night when I go to sleep. I am absolutely sure you do too! Dreams may mean different things to different people. And this is mine to share for all of you!

Most of the time, my dreams come in flashes of memory every time I wake up the next morning. Whether if it’s “me” being chased by the unknown or “me” struggling with falling teeth, I know there’s really a deeper story behind.

Most people tend to forget about their dreams as they wake up and just go on with life. But as for me, I must say there’s quite a selection wherein I get too attached. Sometimes, it feels like a hangover that you have to keep up with the images in your mind of what you have dreamt last night. And whenever a certain dream gets stuck in my head, I always have a feeling that it means something.

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I remembered a part of this dream of mine wherein I was walking nearby a swimming pool. I guess it was sort of a celebration or perhaps the setting was in summer. I clearly remember I was wearing slippers and was dipping my feet in the water. After that, I just continued walking around the area and seemed like I was looking for someone or something.

I didn’t actually know what or who exactly I was searching for. And then suddenly, I began to notice that I was taking off my slippers. After that, I just left them at the edge of the pool and just continued walking while kicking my feet with pool water.

Everything kind of went into a blur after that. And then when my memory started to become crystal, I saw that there were lots of people. I guess I kind of saw my family and some of my relatives too. I suddenly got to them and realized I was conversing with them. It felt like it went on for too long not realizing I was barefooted.

Then it hit me, I was actually walking without any slippers on so I decided to go back where I left them. When I got back where it seems that it was the place I left my slippers, I realized that it was not actually there. I tried to look for it though and in a corner, I found a pair of slippers. But when I checked, it was not mine after all. I guess it has a different color and it does not really fit (I’m not really sure on this part of my dream).

But the thing is, I realized that my own slippers where lost somewhere. And then my next action just startled me. I wore that stranger’s slipper and just continued walking. After that, I woke up and it was a Saturday morning from last year.

From all of my dreams, this one really got me. For days, it got me wondering what it meant especially the part where I just took some slippers off like it was my own and just started walking (to life).

Because of that bit of curiosity, I decided to read more about dreams and how to interpret it. Basically, it’s just some things I searched on the net just to give me some ideas. Luckily, my searching skills just paid off eventually.

Based from various articles I’ve read, I learned that dreams may actually be symbols that represent something in your actual life. The dream I have with the slippers actually meant a major stepping stone that could be happening in someone’s life. The act of wearing one’s slippers is actually embracing that event and taking responsibility. And leaving one’s own slippers and wearing a new one means taking on a new role, for a much bigger responsibility that is about to take place in your life.

When these concepts came into me, I realized that I was also having a major event in my life. When I was having this dream a year ago, I just took my License Examination and was waiting for the final results. That time felt like a hanging bridge for me since I was in the middle from being a college graduate and to being a professional.

I didn’t know what my future will be back then since it all depended on my test result whether if I pass or fail. But thinking about the dream, I began to realize that maybe; I was ready subconsciously on whatever my future will be. I know for a fact that I am no longer a student and that soon, I will become a professional.

I also thought that perhaps, I am ready to take on the challenge if ever I will pass my test. Emphasizing on the part of my dream where I wore those new slippers, I guess I was trying to change my old ways. Moreover, maybe I was just letting myself move forward and get over with my past life. Nonetheless, it’s a major shift in my life.

So that’s how I basically interpreted my own dream. And like I said, it really paid off since I passed my test and I am now a proud professional!

On the contrary, maybe dreams may mean seeing future events and all those prophecy. Well, who knows right? Anyway, you can always believe what you truly believe.




We Are Destined

I’d like to start this entry by saying how truly sorry I am for not being able to write regularly in my blogs. These past days, I’ve been in the process of making my destiny. I’m currently building my future. In order to do so, I’m trying my best in every single day that comes my way.

Many may not know this, but I am now practicing my profession as a Nurse. I just started my training last January and since then, my life became a total rollercoaster ride. Every time I go on duty, there is always something new happening. There are always new learnings and experiences to ponder on which helps add the person in me.

At first, I thought that I would eventually break. Being a fresh graduate and board passer, it felt like the whole preceptee phase is just “nerve wracking and scary”. There were so many thoughts that came into me. I know that this stage will be a different experience knowing that I’m no longer a student. I thought that maybe, being a nurse is not for me. I was just so afraid about everything that I wanted to escape this reality.

But on the other hand, I truly know within me that I could not just abandon the profession I am in. It is not the fact that I’ve finished a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and hold a professional license. It is more than that. I guess I could say that I have grown as a Nurse for the past four years in college. Doing nursing care for my patients would have to be the central factor in my evolution. I have to admit, taking care of my patients have made me love my profession even more.

In my vision, this genuine act of care towards others have made me decide for my future. I cannot imagine doing anything else, atleast for now. This vision, finally made me come to see the beauty of being a nurse as I became a preceptee. I thought that my fear will eventually devour me. But as I started to really act as a real nurse, all of my negative thoughts just went away. It’s like I’ve never gotten them in the first place.

Everytime I am on duty, I feel happy though at some point, I can make mistakes. But the thing is, I am enjoying my job even when I am bombarded with heavy patient loads and responsibilities. As far as I know, I don’t complain about it though I’m quite tired and exhausted. The only thing I know is that I am always looking forward to a brand new day.

I guess I cannot really say a conclusion from this part of my experience since I’m still just a beginning to climb my ladder. I’m just starting out and I still need a few more rooms to grow in my knowledge, skills and attitudes as a nurse. It’s a long way to go for me but I’m not that scared anymore. I just really hope also that this path I am taking is the one I am destined to be.

Now, I truly believe that I am destined for something greater than myself.

WE are destined for greatness. I just hope we can find it in our own time.




The Annual Wait Part 2: First Preceptor

I know it’s super late but I just like to share this with everyone. I’m on a verge on starting over. I’d like to think that better days are coming ahead especially with what is in store for me…

It’s just the start of the year and many things have happened already. After my so called “vacation time”, I was awaken by the fact that I will be working soon. Although it is more of a training phase before becoming a regular employee, it felt like reality hit me hard on this note.

It’s quite sad at first since this would mean lesser free days for me. But then, the feeling just suddenly changed to fear and anxiety. I am so afraid for what will be in store for me since this will be my first time doing something that does not involve school grades.

I thought that hey, this is really it! This is the real deal right here. I’m not a student anymore. I am a professional now and I need to act just like one.

As I start my first week as a preceptor in a prestigious hospital, I feel so relieved. It’s great that the staff is very approachable and accommodating to the trainees. I feel even more motivated to do a good job. Although I made some mistakes at work, they were very considerate knowing that I was not yet familiar with their system.

What is also great about my first week was that I met new people and made good friends with other preceptors. It was such a great experience having to learn not just from the staff but also from them as well. In the long run, my fear and anxiety began to fade away and I see myself looking forward to coming to work every single day. I just hope I could maintain this feeling of being inspired and motivated so that I can always have a great working performance.

I hope that in the coming weeks to come, I can fully enhance my knowledge, skills and attitude especially in my workplace. I hope I could improve on being a real professional this time and not as a student (since I’ve been there already).

I constantly pray for courage and wisdom for what will come ahead whether it will be something good or bad.






I began to wonder now what it’s like to DREAM…

For so many days, I’ve been bugged by the idea that everything I have worked for didn’t seem to pay. I guess that maybe, I thought this path that I have chosen, is my “calling”. Yup, that’s a quotation! It’s just to mean that I am not really sure whether I am fit for it. I try my best for the past four years just to graduate college with good grades as much as possible and most importantly, to pass my national examination so that I can be a professional. At first, it was such a HAPPY FEELING knowing that I have done something great! But ultimately, the fire has died quickly. I’m not feeling the same way again. I rethink to decide on a different path but actually, I realized that I can’t go through it. I can’t DREAM!

This is a calling. A calling for someone who needed help and for a person who forgot what it’s like to DREAM and make it REAL.