Author’s Corner

When I first decided to make a blog, I was all confused on how to start it in the first place. The first problem that bloggers usually deal is creating a blog name that would signify what your blog will be about. As for me, I decided to go for a temporary name which is “Under Southern Lights”. Now, the time has come to change it into something that I think fits me.

I’ve been making a lot of drafts on how I go about my blog name. The next step is coming up with an author’s corner so that I could explain a little bit about myself (which I failed to do at the start).

So in the next few lines, you’ll now a little history about myself and how I’ve grown to love expressing my thoughts through words and thus, this blog.

And here goes…

This concept began when my head was so full of words and ideas, too full that I was not able to contain it. For the past years, I’ve spent my life on learning new things everyday. I remembered somewhere during my childhood, I was interested in looking and sometimes reading story books, magazines, newspapers, Almanacs and Science books (but really, most of the time I was just watching TV).

It is my greatest honor to share to the world a melting pot of COLORS AND WORDS that I hope to convey it in different meanings of life.

I present to you at this moment,


Art is not only visually made but can also be expressed in the manner of words. For me, I love the entire idea of how art has changed the world. One of my favorites in art is the use of colors. When many colors collide, it paints a picture of a thousand words. Another thing that dazzles me, is how we used watercolors and brushes in order to make such colors unite and create a masterpiece out of it.

All great things come in small packages. In another perspective, a watercolour collection can transform a simple empty canvass into a picture of a thousand words showing different interpretations. The watercolour contains lots of shades that would bring about depthness, the side of intensity one wishes to see. When these shades of color combine and intertwine into different strokes of lightness and heaviness, a story is born!

As the holder of this brush, I must say I will try my very best to paint the most beautiful scene and to bring about messages that will somehow nurture the mind, body and soul.

To the readers, bloggers, guests and visitors,

May you enjoy this experience!




2 thoughts on “Author’s Corner

    • Wow! thank you so much! you are the first person to ever say that to me! I’m so glad you enjoy it!

      I guess it might be the other way around. I am just a newbie when it comes to blogging so I’m the one who might learn a lot from your blog as well! 🙂

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