Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts.

I agree! 🙂

Don Charisma

«Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts.»

— Albert Einstein

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Our Moments: In Nostalgia

This serves as an excerpt written from my notepad last year…

In Nostalgia

Today, I am in my ecstatic mood. I feel so light having to come back to a place where I truly belong. The experience can never be repaid as once again, I am making a new meaningful memory.

Today was yet the best journey down to memory lane. It was our Grand Alumni Homecoming which served our way to reuniting once again.

It’s great to meet your old classmates whom I now considered my friends. The entire event was a total laugh trip as we reminisce the past.

We talked for so much about so many things. We laughed so hard and we felt like being our own family. It’s actually great to know that after all these years, we still remain the same. Even though life has put us in different paths, we still manage to be the very person we truly are.

I like the bonds of friendship that we have made over the years. Other people thought that our group is one of a kind. I guess I can agree to that since we keep in touch and hangout when we are not busy.

All I hope for now is that there would be more memories for us that we could share. I still wish for the next homecoming to be a lot sooner. But more than that, I still wish I don’t have to wait for another year just for all of us to hangout.

 Anyway, I say cheers for our friendship and I hope there’s a lot more to look forward for!

*photo source: http://s1.favim.com/610/20/Favim.com-friends-friendship-por-do-sol-shadows-sunset-204600.jpg






The Journey To Ed Sheeran’s Genius

The Musical Notebook

Ed's Facebook Photos Ruby Sessions at Dublin (Source:Ed Sheeran’s Facebook Page)

If there is one artist I could not afford to ignore, then it has to be Ed Sheeran. I really don’t know why but I just had this certain “feels”. Thus, this blog entry is born. As a fan, I guess you could say that he embodies the definition of “Genius”. You want to know why? Then let me take you personally to my own music experience that turned into fandom.

As I shared Ed’s MV on my FB page

I guess it was somewhere in 2012 (I had to check my fb for that) that I come across a music video which I admit, got me tricked at first.

I remember watching YouTube videos from MVs, movie trailers and such. And then I suddenly saw a video entitled “Lego House”. The title really got me curious because on the thumbnail…

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Movie Hangover Experience With Rorouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno


photos: Warner Bros Pictures (Phil.) photos: Warner Bros Pictures (Phil.)

Last week was indeed an awesome experience for people like me who loves Anime. I mean who would be ecstatic when one of your favorite Anime series is turned into a movie? And what’s even more exciting is that its sequel is currently showing on all cinemas around Asia?

Okay, maybe I’m not that much of an Anime fan but I do know one Anime series named “Samurai X”. I must say, Battousai has been the popular assassin back in the 90’s and there’s no excuse for kids like us back then not to know him.

Anyway, let’s fast track to the present. So, yes! The epic story of Kenshin Himura has been made into a live action adaptation film which both hardcore fans and plain movie goers were glad about. And now, there’s another reason to be really happy because it’s been followed by…

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Happy First Birthday: A First Technical Encounter

Water is always forever flowing. In the same way, you should always keep on moving forward.

Water is always forever flowing. In the same way, you should always keep on moving forward.


Hi! I guess it has been two months since I posted something here. The last time I was about to update my blog, I realized that I have been writing in my wordpress account for almost a year now. So far, I’ve been enjoying my blog knowing that I get to share a part of me from fellow bloggers out there.

Suddenly, there’s this little thought that hit me. what’s supposed to be a happy feeling for me, became a frustration knowing that something went wrong in my blog.

While I was busy writing for my next entry, I was also having the time of my life reading other blogs. I came across my friends’ blog and hit a comment on her awesome post about “Viajera”. When we saw each other the next day, she told me that she couldn’t be able to go to my blog site. She said that she was transferred to another page instead, which she’s pretty sure that it wasn’t my original blog.

So I checked up on it and realized that what she told me was true. I went through where I left a comment on her page and clicked my blog name. When I clicked it, I was then transferred to another blog site which happened to be the same as my blog address (undersouthernlights.wordpress.com).

And then it hit me that maybe because I changed my blog address to undersouthernlights.wordpress.com which coincidentally, is the same blog address from this User.

I tried fixing it though by changing my blog address to myeverydayrandom101.wordpress.com and so far, it’s not that effective. My friend could not still go to my blog site though I’ve made changes already. I’ve tried considering closing my blog too and start a new one but I just couldn’t do it knowing that this has been going on for a year now.

The only thing I wish now is that I could be able to resolve this techinical problem I am facing now. For the past two months, I’ve been trying hard fixing this but still nothing seems to work. I guess I just have to continue and move on. I’ve missed doing my blogs during my leisure and this time, I’ll try to start over. I hope in the next year to come it will be a true happy 2nd birthday here in WordPress!

Avril Lavigne: The Way To My Discovery

The Musical Notebook

I’ve never really told anyone about this and I guess it’s time to share a little story that made my journey through life very meaningful.

my own copy Avril's "Let Go" :) my own copy Avril’s “Let Go” 🙂

One of the few things that I truly enjoy would have to be music. Even when I was younger, I found myself becoming a die-hard fan of the “Rock Princess Icon” Avril Lavigne. I can’t seem to explain it but this Canadian-singer really moved me in a deeper way.

Let me take you to some of my wonderful memories. I remember from way back when I was watching MTV during my grade school days. A new music video was playing and the title flashed on the screen saying “Complicated by Avril Lavigne”. I was amazed when I saw a girl appearing in the video with a white tank top, black neck tie, black shorts and a black Converse…

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