At First Hiccups


Today is such a great day for love stories. I’m not much of the romantic type but I guess, it’s worth a shot to try this whole “lovey-dovey” genre for my entry. So it’s decided then. In exchange for my long hiatus days (I’m truly sorry!), I will share to you a simple story of love at first hiccups.

Last month, I remembered painting my nails in alternate black and pink. I really don’t know why but knowing the little knowledge I have in nail polish, I thought it was really pretty. As I was looking at my hands, something just suddenly hit me from within. And then, I thought “How come I’ve never noticed this before?”

I must say that when I’ve left the blogosphere for awhile, there were certain events that took place. I’ve noticed most people would say that we are normally bound for change. And when it did happen for me, it felt as though everything just went in a blink of an eye. Truly, I was in awe and I had no choice but to deal with it.


My perception of love has always been the one I’ve seen in movies or read in books. It has always been a foreign thing to me. More so, it is the only thing I tried to ignore for the past years of my existence. On the other side, love has never found me as I try to keep myself hidden from it’s shadow.

Though at this point in time (or even as always), I’ve never imagined myself as someone who hides from everyone. I’m trying the best I could to deal with new experiences. I try to meet people and make new friends. And I’ve succeeded with that but it turns out to be the other way around.


Now, it’s a different view since I never also expected to be noticed in an unexpected way. For instance, when you passed by a corridor, specific persons greet you. And for me, I’m just delighted by such response. I’ve realized that people are thoughtful enough to think of someone like me.

Moreover, when you had that one day where you got your hair done, and this one person noticed it above all. Indeed, he has actually seen you all this time. It’s the little details he remembers the most which makes everything a lovely experience. When he remembers what you were wearing and compliments you in the most special way. Perhaps, the little gestures he does for you that makes you go crazy and left in a whirlwind.

It’s true what they say. Love gives you the feeling of unimaginable things. You couldn’t really explain it but it just happens. And yes, he gives you the moment at first hiccups!






End Of The Year




First of all, I’d like to wish everyone a good day ahead! Today is such a great time for people to gather around and be together. I truly believe that the holiday season is not yet over without celebrating and welcoming the New Year. Moreover, it would really be devastating for my part not to leave any message in this blog as the end of the year comes in a few days. For those who might have a chance to drop by here, I hope you enjoy reading my inner self being.

I’ve been in and out in the so-called blogosphere arena as I am more in contact with my experiences in my everyday life. It has been really awesome so far, since I get to meet and talk to different people. It has also been great having to go to various places and trying out things in your imaginary “bucket list”. I guess you would definitely have done the same thing as well. The way I see it, it’s been quite challenging to keep so many circle of worlds and dimensions that I have ultimately discovered and learned to loved. Sometimes, I lose track of time and didn’t mind that I have already lost so much in the process. But on other instances, I realize that I’m just doing things that I feel right deep inside. So yes, I didn’t have any regrets for all the bad, the good, the boring and the annoying times of my life.

The Beginning

In every year, a new chapter begins. The starting point was a celebration for what is about to come. For me, it was an opening of new memories with families and friends. On the other, it was a fresh start at work, a renewed health and a revived spirit. Everything was set into place and all I felt was pure contentment.

The Change And The Unexpected

I think that 2015 was a great shocker in a way that there were some events that lead me to various changes. In fact, the year altered my usual perceptions and confirmed my realizations. It was a mix of blurry images but it just makes perfect sense to me. Nevertheless, it all just made an impact and perhaps had added a number of pages in this year’s story.

The Block

I must say that my struggle for this year was having this big block within that is hindering me from writing what I think and feel. I try to just let it be and not force myself into it. However, it kills me at the same time if I can’t write anything down. It’s quite confusing having a hard time trying to come up with something and then not doing it at all. But for the majority, I guess it was having trouble saying everything what I feel to others and just being silent about it.

The Plan

I feel that anyone must have a plan. As for me, I have no plan in particular, which I find so surprising since I write everything in my planner. But I didn’t felt empty knowing this fact now, which I also happen to find so interesting. I usually act as if I foresee the future as the year closes but this time, it’s different. I can’t see anything and I feel that it’s not actually a bad thing after all.

So I guess, this year ends with a pretty vague plan for the next that will come. I am still hopeful for better days and I wish to keep in touch with you fellow bloggers and readers! See you in 2016!

Summer And Sentence Errors


Today is a great day for moments! It is indeed a great day to meet and enjoy the sun. It’s the summer season! Atleast, in my country, it actually is. But wherever you may be, I hope you feel awesome and embrace this sunshine with me!

I feel really great that I get to write another entry here. I always get to be on MIA mode yet again. But hey, I’m totally back! I hope you are all set to read more of my stories in the coming days.

It’s been a roller coaster ride during these couple of months. I was busy with work and I just couldn’t find the right story to tell everyone. I guess you could call it a writer’s block (Or maybe not?). But truly, there’s just so many I wanna share and I can’t make up my mind on a topic. As I am writing this, my brain is constantly battling my way into ideas. The trash can, as I see it now, is quite full with crumpled paper of sentence errors. Yes, I do most of my entries on scratches since I’m not comfortable typing it directly on my laptop. But that’s just how I do it.

Anyway, summer has been good to me lately, except of course of the fact that the temperature’s above 30 C. Moreover, this price that I got that comes in days of my vacation leave is the crop of my summer season. I guess I just got lucky to be given that chance to keep my work aside in a box for the mean time.

Well, I guess that would be all for now. I’m gonna enjoy the rest of this summer season! I’m pretty sure I’ll come up with a pretty good story the next time I’m going to post another entry. For now, Happy Summer Everyone!

New Beginnings Blessed By Sr. Sto. Nino and Pope Francis


source: Rappler FB page

These times can be considered as one of the greatest moments in history. Not to mention, that our generation has witnessed the sacred Apostolic Journey of Pope Francis in the Philippines. What more, that this happened in our lifetime as it is challenged by various circumstances that impact everyday lives. Nevertheless, the present generation of Filipinos today are forever blessed by this once in a blue moon experience.

source: Rappler FB page

As a Christian and a Filipino myself, I’d like to share my own thoughts and feelings on this roller coaster ride earlier this year. There’s no other way but to write this and I really would not want to leave this blown in the wind.

Personally, there is no exact word that I could think of to describe the 5 day visit of Pope Francis. All I know is that I feel extremely happy and blessed even up to this moment in time.

source: Rappler FB page



A more ecstatic thought came to me knowing that I am also from Cebu. Many may not know this, but coinciding with the Papal Visit is the Annual Sinulog Festival held in Cebu. Every year, Cebuanos like me celebrate the feast of Sr. Sto. Nino as a way of gratitude for all the continued blessings everyone has received from the Lord.

Sun down during the winner’s repeat performance at the Sinulog Sa Kabataan Sa Dakbayan

Indeed, Sr. Sto. Nino has never failed His devotees. In fact, He has always watched over us and has continued to love us dearly. One proof of that would have to be His gift to us – the visit of the Pope to our beloved Philippines.

Though the Holy Father only had a limited stay in the country, I guess it was not a mere reason to be down. As for me, I would have wanted to see the Pope here in Cebu in time for Sinulog (like every Cebuano really hoped for). But on the other, I still felt happy knowing he was just simply here. I may have not experience the presence of Pope Francis first hand, but I was still blessed enough to have seen him even just in my own TV screen. And that was enough for me to truly feel the spirit of Jesus.

To be able to listen during his homilies in Manila Cathedral, Leyte and Quirino Grandstand, I realized it was a life changing experience. His words coming from his heart became a source of inspiration for the many to do more for the sake of faith and love for Christ. He is indeed a life changer as he leads us to the path where God wants us to be.

On the other hand, I felt much happier for those families and children whom were given a chance to have a personal encounter with the Pope. I think those encounters have moved everyone in the deepest way. Moreover, it was also a great scene having to watch the Pope in his motorcade with all smiles and waves to the crowds.

source: Rappler FB page

I guess at this point, everyone will have their own favorite memory on Pope Francis’ visit. As for me, I think one of my favorite scenes would have to be during the Pope’s motorcade going through the Quirino grandstand. As the Pope passed through every quadrant of the grandstand, everyone was dancing to the beat of Sinulog. I felt so much joy as the Holy Father was one with the people in celebrating the Holy Child Jesus.

*A photo of the San Diego Dance Troupe emotionally dancing to the beat of Sinulog as tweeted by @antoniospadaro


I will forever be thankful to Sto. Nino for this wonderful memory. Indeed, it is a beautiful memory that I truly will never forget. For giving us Pope Francis and for letting every Filipino know once more God’s unconditional love.

As the Pope is one his way to Rome, I’m pretty sure every Filipino will miss him. I know I’m missing him too. But on the bright side, this holy experience will always mark in my heart and in my soul. Because for the first time, I feel that I’ve witness God through him and his words. And with that, I had a certain hunch that we’re all going to be okay. And now, we can be good Christians by spreading God’s light to the world wherever we may be. I hope to begin this calling as the year 2015 unfolds and even in the years after.


*See you next time Lolo Kiko!

source: Rappler FB page





What Dreams May Mean



I dream my entire life every night when I go to sleep. I am absolutely sure you do too! Dreams may mean different things to different people. And this is mine to share for all of you!

Most of the time, my dreams come in flashes of memory every time I wake up the next morning. Whether if it’s “me” being chased by the unknown or “me” struggling with falling teeth, I know there’s really a deeper story behind.

Most people tend to forget about their dreams as they wake up and just go on with life. But as for me, I must say there’s quite a selection wherein I get too attached. Sometimes, it feels like a hangover that you have to keep up with the images in your mind of what you have dreamt last night. And whenever a certain dream gets stuck in my head, I always have a feeling that it means something.



I remembered a part of this dream of mine wherein I was walking nearby a swimming pool. I guess it was sort of a celebration or perhaps the setting was in summer. I clearly remember I was wearing slippers and was dipping my feet in the water. After that, I just continued walking around the area and seemed like I was looking for someone or something.

I didn’t actually know what or who exactly I was searching for. And then suddenly, I began to notice that I was taking off my slippers. After that, I just left them at the edge of the pool and just continued walking while kicking my feet with pool water.

Everything kind of went into a blur after that. And then when my memory started to become crystal, I saw that there were lots of people. I guess I kind of saw my family and some of my relatives too. I suddenly got to them and realized I was conversing with them. It felt like it went on for too long not realizing I was barefooted.

Then it hit me, I was actually walking without any slippers on so I decided to go back where I left them. When I got back where it seems that it was the place I left my slippers, I realized that it was not actually there. I tried to look for it though and in a corner, I found a pair of slippers. But when I checked, it was not mine after all. I guess it has a different color and it does not really fit (I’m not really sure on this part of my dream).

But the thing is, I realized that my own slippers where lost somewhere. And then my next action just startled me. I wore that stranger’s slipper and just continued walking. After that, I woke up and it was a Saturday morning from last year.

From all of my dreams, this one really got me. For days, it got me wondering what it meant especially the part where I just took some slippers off like it was my own and just started walking (to life).

Because of that bit of curiosity, I decided to read more about dreams and how to interpret it. Basically, it’s just some things I searched on the net just to give me some ideas. Luckily, my searching skills just paid off eventually.

Based from various articles I’ve read, I learned that dreams may actually be symbols that represent something in your actual life. The dream I have with the slippers actually meant a major stepping stone that could be happening in someone’s life. The act of wearing one’s slippers is actually embracing that event and taking responsibility. And leaving one’s own slippers and wearing a new one means taking on a new role, for a much bigger responsibility that is about to take place in your life.

When these concepts came into me, I realized that I was also having a major event in my life. When I was having this dream a year ago, I just took my License Examination and was waiting for the final results. That time felt like a hanging bridge for me since I was in the middle from being a college graduate and to being a professional.

I didn’t know what my future will be back then since it all depended on my test result whether if I pass or fail. But thinking about the dream, I began to realize that maybe; I was ready subconsciously on whatever my future will be. I know for a fact that I am no longer a student and that soon, I will become a professional.

I also thought that perhaps, I am ready to take on the challenge if ever I will pass my test. Emphasizing on the part of my dream where I wore those new slippers, I guess I was trying to change my old ways. Moreover, maybe I was just letting myself move forward and get over with my past life. Nonetheless, it’s a major shift in my life.

So that’s how I basically interpreted my own dream. And like I said, it really paid off since I passed my test and I am now a proud professional!

On the contrary, maybe dreams may mean seeing future events and all those prophecy. Well, who knows right? Anyway, you can always believe what you truly believe.