At First Hiccups


Today is such a great day for love stories. I’m not much of the romantic type but I guess, it’s worth a shot to try this whole “lovey-dovey” genre for my entry. So it’s decided then. In exchange for my long hiatus days (I’m truly sorry!), I will share to you a simple story of love at first hiccups.

Last month, I remembered painting my nails in alternate black and pink. I really don’t know why but knowing the little knowledge I have in nail polish, I thought it was really pretty. As I was looking at my hands, something just suddenly hit me from within. And then, I thought “How come I’ve never noticed this before?”

I must say that when I’ve left the blogosphere for awhile, there were certain events that took place. I’ve noticed most people would say that we are normally bound for change. And when it did happen for me, it felt as though everything just went in a blink of an eye. Truly, I was in awe and I had no choice but to deal with it.


My perception of love has always been the one I’ve seen in movies or read in books. It has always been a foreign thing to me. More so, it is the only thing I tried to ignore for the past years of my existence. On the other side, love has never found me as I try to keep myself hidden from it’s shadow.

Though at this point in time (or even as always), I’ve never imagined myself as someone who hides from everyone. I’m trying the best I could to deal with new experiences. I try to meet people and make new friends. And I’ve succeeded with that but it turns out to be the other way around.


Now, it’s a different view since I never also expected to be noticed in an unexpected way. For instance, when you passed by a corridor, specific persons greet you. And for me, I’m just delighted by such response. I’ve realized that people are thoughtful enough to think of someone like me.

Moreover, when you had that one day where you got your hair done, and this one person noticed it above all. Indeed, he has actually seen you all this time. It’s the little details he remembers the most which makes everything a lovely experience. When he remembers what you were wearing and compliments you in the most special way. Perhaps, the little gestures he does for you that makes you go crazy and left in a whirlwind.

It’s true what they say. Love gives you the feeling of unimaginable things. You couldn’t really explain it but it just happens. And yes, he gives you the moment at first hiccups!