End Of The Year




First of all, I’d like to wish everyone a good day ahead! Today is such a great time for people to gather around and be together. I truly believe that the holiday season is not yet over without celebrating and welcoming the New Year. Moreover, it would really be devastating for my part not to leave any message in this blog as the end of the year comes in a few days. For those who might have a chance to drop by here, I hope you enjoy reading my inner self being.

I’ve been in and out in the so-called blogosphere arena as I am more in contact with my experiences in my everyday life. It has been really awesome so far, since I get to meet and talk to different people. It has also been great having to go to various places and trying out things in your imaginary “bucket list”. I guess you would definitely have done the same thing as well. The way I see it, it’s been quite challenging to keep so many circle of worlds and dimensions that I have ultimately discovered and learned to loved. Sometimes, I lose track of time and didn’t mind that I have already lost so much in the process. But on other instances, I realize that I’m just doing things that I feel right deep inside. So yes, I didn’t have any regrets for all the bad, the good, the boring and the annoying times of my life.

The Beginning

In every year, a new chapter begins. The starting point was a celebration for what is about to come. For me, it was an opening of new memories with families and friends. On the other, it was a fresh start at work, a renewed health and a revived spirit. Everything was set into place and all I felt was pure contentment.

The Change And The Unexpected

I think that 2015 was a great shocker in a way that there were some events that lead me to various changes. In fact, the year altered my usual perceptions and confirmed my realizations. It was a mix of blurry images but it just makes perfect sense to me. Nevertheless, it all just made an impact and perhaps had added a number of pages in this year’s story.

The Block

I must say that my struggle for this year was having this big block within that is hindering me from writing what I think and feel. I try to just let it be and not force myself into it. However, it kills me at the same time if I can’t write anything down. It’s quite confusing having a hard time trying to come up with something and then not doing it at all. But for the majority, I guess it was having trouble saying everything what I feel to others and just being silent about it.

The Plan

I feel that anyone must have a plan. As for me, I have no plan in particular, which I find so surprising since I write everything in my planner. But I didn’t felt empty knowing this fact now, which I also happen to find so interesting. I usually act as if I foresee the future as the year closes but this time, it’s different. I can’t see anything and I feel that it’s not actually a bad thing after all.

So I guess, this year ends with a pretty vague plan for the next that will come. I am still hopeful for better days and I wish to keep in touch with you fellow bloggers and readers! See you in 2016!