Summer And Sentence Errors


Today is a great day for moments! It is indeed a great day to meet and enjoy the sun. It’s the summer season! Atleast, in my country, it actually is. But wherever you may be, I hope you feel awesome and embrace this sunshine with me!

I feel really great that I get to write another entry here. I always get to be on MIA mode yet again. But hey, I’m totally back! I hope you are all set to read more of my stories in the coming days.

It’s been a roller coaster ride during these couple of months. I was busy with work and I just couldn’t find the right story to tell everyone. I guess you could call it a writer’s block (Or maybe not?). But truly, there’s just so many I wanna share and I can’t make up my mind on a topic. As I am writing this, my brain is constantly battling my way into ideas. The trash can, as I see it now, is quite full with crumpled paper of sentence errors. Yes, I do most of my entries on scratches since I’m not comfortable typing it directly on my laptop. But that’s just how I do it.

Anyway, summer has been good to me lately, except of course of the fact that the temperature’s above 30 C. Moreover, this price that I got that comes in days of my vacation leave is the crop of my summer season. I guess I just got lucky to be given that chance to keep my work aside in a box for the mean time.

Well, I guess that would be all for now. I’m gonna enjoy the rest of this summer season! I’m pretty sure I’ll come up with a pretty good story the next time I’m going to post another entry. For now, Happy Summer Everyone!