Our Moments: In Nostalgia

This serves as an excerpt written from my notepad last year…

In Nostalgia

Today, I am in my ecstatic mood. I feel so light having to come back to a place where I truly belong. The experience can never be repaid as once again, I am making a new meaningful memory.

Today was yet the best journey down to memory lane. It was our Grand Alumni Homecoming which served our way to reuniting once again.

It’s great to meet your old classmates whom I now considered my friends. The entire event was a total laugh trip as we reminisce the past.

We talked for so much about so many things. We laughed so hard and we felt like being our own family. It’s actually great to know that after all these years, we still remain the same. Even though life has put us in different paths, we still manage to be the very person we truly are.

I like the bonds of friendship that we have made over the years. Other people thought that our group is one of a kind. I guess I can agree to that since we keep in touch and hangout when we are not busy.

All I hope for now is that there would be more memories for us that we could share. I still wish for the next homecoming to be a lot sooner. But more than that, I still wish I don’t have to wait for another year just for all of us to hangout.

 Anyway, I say cheers for our friendship and I hope there’s a lot more to look forward for!

*photo source: http://s1.favim.com/610/20/Favim.com-friends-friendship-por-do-sol-shadows-sunset-204600.jpg







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