The Journey To Ed Sheeran’s Genius

The Musical Notebook

Ed's Facebook Photos Ruby Sessions at Dublin (Source:Ed Sheeran’s Facebook Page)

If there is one artist I could not afford to ignore, then it has to be Ed Sheeran. I really don’t know why but I just had this certain “feels”. Thus, this blog entry is born. As a fan, I guess you could say that he embodies the definition of “Genius”. You want to know why? Then let me take you personally to my own music experience that turned into fandom.

As I shared Ed’s MV on my FB page

I guess it was somewhere in 2012 (I had to check my fb for that) that I come across a music video which I admit, got me tricked at first.

I remember watching YouTube videos from MVs, movie trailers and such. And then I suddenly saw a video entitled “Lego House”. The title really got me curious because on the thumbnail…

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