Avril Lavigne: The Way To My Discovery

The Musical Notebook

I’ve never really told anyone about this and I guess it’s time to share a little story that made my journey through life very meaningful.

my own copy Avril's "Let Go" :) my own copy Avril’s “Let Go” 🙂

One of the few things that I truly enjoy would have to be music. Even when I was younger, I found myself becoming a die-hard fan of the “Rock Princess Icon” Avril Lavigne. I can’t seem to explain it but this Canadian-singer really moved me in a deeper way.

Let me take you to some of my wonderful memories. I remember from way back when I was watching MTV during my grade school days. A new music video was playing and the title flashed on the screen saying “Complicated by Avril Lavigne”. I was amazed when I saw a girl appearing in the video with a white tank top, black neck tie, black shorts and a black Converse…

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