Avril Lavigne: The Way To My Discovery

The Musical Notebook

I’ve never really told anyone about this and I guess it’s time to share a little story that made my journey through life very meaningful.

my own copy Avril's "Let Go" :) my own copy Avril’s “Let Go” 🙂

One of the few things that I truly enjoy would have to be music. Even when I was younger, I found myself becoming a die-hard fan of the “Rock Princess Icon” Avril Lavigne. I can’t seem to explain it but this Canadian-singer really moved me in a deeper way.

Let me take you to some of my wonderful memories. I remember from way back when I was watching MTV during my grade school days. A new music video was playing and the title flashed on the screen saying “Complicated by Avril Lavigne”. I was amazed when I saw a girl appearing in the video with a white tank top, black neck tie, black shorts and a black Converse…

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Closet Memos 1


I stumbled upon a scribbled note I usually make from way back. It does not make much of a “poetic sense” but I just love how you can play and combine words that actually can make perfect sense.


April 29, 2012 @ 1:00 am


a personal photo from where

I guess that pouring your heart out into an imaginary paper

would not necessarily mean

that you have let your feelings out for once…

Coz it may seem that you want to express all these,

then letting yourself to experience the pain

is what you pay for its price…

Bleeding for a hundred time

is never really satisfying..

It is just something that makes you

more vulnerable and broken

A Little Something For J-rock Fans

The Musical Notebook

It seems like a long time since I last touched my laptop and went a surf on the net. I admit, I’ve been busy lately and this time, I need some “catching up to do”.

Many may not know but I do really enjoy listening to music and specifically, there’s this J-rock band that I really like. They go by the name of ONE OK ROCK. They’re totally an awesome band! In fact, I even wrote an entry on how I came to know these charming boys and their meaningful songs (you can check on the previous entries from this blog and you’ll see).

I guess there’s no denying that I’ve learned to become an avid fan for this group. I always keep myself updated with their whereabouts and I always share anything about them. I think I’m always in “fanmode” and when I do these things, I just feel…

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