The Lonely Rock Star (part 2 & 3)

ONE OK ROCK at Countdown Japan 13/14
*credits go to the owner of this photo

Chapter 2

“Just give me a reason to keep my heart beating

Don’t worry its safe right here in my arms…”

Yui’s jaw almost drops when she saw the vocalist of that rock band.

It’s him. That’s the crazy guy!

To Yui’s amazement she found herself enjoying their song.

“Just tell me what Baby,

They might call me crazy

For saying I’ll fight until there is no more

Urei fukunda senkou gankou wa kankakuteki shoudou

Blinded I can’t see the end

So where do I begin?”

After the performance; the interview begun.

“This is the first time you will launch your album in U.S. right?”

“Yes.” Taka answered.

“Did you guys, composed all the songs in every album?”

“We brainstorm for the best theme and all that but usually Taka do the lyrics while we do the melody, instrumentals and arrangements.” Toru said.

“In composing songs do you rely on inspiration?”

“Sometimes, like in our new single notes n words.” Taka said.

“What’s your inspiration or should I say who was your inspiration was when you composed notes n words?”

Taka smiled.

“A woman.” The audience yell and so the students in Harvard. Yui cupped her ears.

“And her name is?”

“It’s a secret but I have her picture here in my wallet.” The audience yell once more.

“Is she your girl?”

“Yes, she’s my fiancée and I really miss her.” He gave the picture to the host and the camera focus on the woman looking in the sky with a smile on her face.

Yui’s eyes went wide. It’s her!

Oh no! It’s me, he took pictures of me. He’s really crazy! And he said I am his fiancée? Hell no!

“She’s beautiful. Where did you meet her?”

“In a park, I was busy taking pictures when the lens of my camera focused on her. I took her pictures then, pretty isn’t she?”

“Is this means you’re in love?” the audience cheered.

But Taka just smiled.

Yui run towards her car and immediately speed out of the university. She needs to talk to him, how dare him! But she didn’t able to go inside of the studio; the security didn’t let her in.

It’s been weeks since Taka announced about his ‘engagement’ with the girl in the picture and there are girls who claim to be his fiancée but Taka remain silent about these and that made the media go wild and the story about him and the mysterious girl are trending in the social sites for weeks now. He really missed her, but he can’t go to the park where they first met because people can recognized him, but he’s still hoping that she will be there, he used his telescope to know if she came back, he sits in front of his window and search around for her but at every end of the day she didn’t came back.

Yui went to the studio again hoping she will have the chance to talk to Taka but the security always blocks her way.

“I am Yui and I’m the girl in the picture.”

“Do you see those girls; they are claiming that they were the woman in the picture just like you.” The guard said sternly. True enough, the girls are wearing the same dress she wore when she and Taka met. But she is a very persistent person. She went out of the crowd and go to the back. There’s no one there.


She slowly went for the door, it’s not lock. Her eyes roam around to see if someone is watching then she went inside the room; it’s the band’s dressing room.

Taka went to the studio; he forgot his favorite jacket in the dressing room. He parked the car at the back of the dressing room. He put on his bull cap and Oakley shades and went out of his car.

Yui was roaming around the room when the door knob clicks; she put the lights off and hides at the back of the door. A man wearing a bull cap and shades went inside the room and looks like he is searching for something. An intruder!

She immediately grab something to hit the man, he was about to smash him when he turn. She hit him in the head and put the lights on. Her eyes went wide when she recognized the man. It was Taka himself!

“Goodness, I’m so sorry.” She said.

Taka was surprise when someone beat him in the head; he shut his eyes close when the lights went on.

“Awww….” He groan his hands are in his head.

“Goodness, I’m so sorry.” A voice said. It was familiar. When he opens his eyes, he found a woman and her face is so close to him, the woman who haunted him in his sleep, the woman in the park. Because of his longing for her, he didn’t able to control himself and cross the distance between them and kiss her.

Yui was surprise when she felt Taka’s lips in her. It was her first kiss; this crazy guy was her first kiss!


She struggle to free from his grasp but he simply pull her to him. The next thing she knew he was on top of her. Taka’s kiss is searing, and she can’t believe that she was moaning. Then he abruptly ends the kiss.

“I can’t believe you’re here! You’re really here.” He said hoarsely. His breathing his harsh and so is she, their kiss was breath taking.

“Please don’t run away from me again.”

“G-get off me.” She said and struggles to free herself. Taka helps her to get up.

“What are you doing here?” he asked.

“I…I want to talk to you.” She said and Taka smiled.

“`You miss me too?” his grinning from ear to ear.

“What? No, and why did you announced that I was engaged to you?” she said with a frown.

“Well, I did that to find you, you didn’t came to the park since the day we met and I proposed to you, remember?” He said sadly.

“I…I, ahm…” she was speechless! She didn’t know that he was searching for her until that day.

“It’s okay…I’m sorry if I scared you when we first met but can you tell me your name?”

“Why would I give you my name?” she snapped. Taka became silent but he smiled and said:

“If you don’t want to tell me your name I will call you ‘My Baby’ instead.”

“What? It’s—”

“Hep. Its okay, my Baby.”

Yui’s eyes went wide when she saw blood streaming down on Taka’s temple.

“You’re bleeding! Let’s go to the hospital.”

“Hospital? No, we can’t go there; the reporters will have a feast if they know this.”

“But you need medical attention!” she said panicking.

“I’m glad you cared for me, my Baby.” He said and fondly gaze at her. She avoided his gaze.

“I’m not, but it’s my fault that you got hurt.” She scowled.

“It’s okay; let’s go to your house then.”

“What? No we can’t. What if someone saw you and—” he cut her words.

“Aww…My head hurts.” He said and that made her feel guilty.

“Alright, let’s go to my house.”

“Let’s use your car so no one will suspect.” He said and he casually puts his arms around her shoulder.

“Hands off.” She snapped.

“I can’t, my head hurts.” He said and put his head on her shoulder. She could feel his hot breath in her neck. And her heart is beating faster. She needs to get away from him, he is waking something in her and she is scared to know what it was.


They went inside her car. The atmosphere grew thick when she starts to drive. Though she can’t see him she could still feel his gaze.

“Stop it.”

“What?” he asked.

“You’re staring at me.”


“Didn’t you know that staring is rude?”

“I was absent when the teacher taught that or maybe I was sleeping.”

“You sleep in the class?”

“Not only that, I don’t wear uniform, I used to wear Kurt Cobain t-shirts.” He grins.

“Who’s Kurt Cobain?”

“My Idol, but he died early. I even do a cover on one of his songs, `you know the song smell like teen spirit?”


“Okay. You’re grumpy you know that?”


He laughs.

“You’re really grumpy.”

“And you’re annoying.”

And there was silence.

Moments later Yui talked.

“Aren’t you going to apologize?”

“For what?”

“You…kissed…me.” She said. She could feel her cheeks burning.


“‘Ahhh’ what?”

“I apologize because I scared the hell out of you that’s why you hit me but I won’t apologize for the kiss.”

 Chapter 3

“What? You brute.” she turn to him.

“You heard me, eyes on the road. I don’t want to die just yet.” She composed herself and focus on driving.

“Why?” she asked.

“My Baby, when you kissed someone never says sorry.”

“No, you need to apologize.”

“Why, Am I your first kiss?”

“Nope.” She said but she blushed.

“I am your first kiss right? I knew it.”

“Shut up or I will hit your head again.” She said.

“Fine. But I’m your first kiss! Sugoi!” he said and throw his fists in the air.

She’s amused. For a 25 year old guy, Taka behaved like a 10 year old boy.

Yui is in the kitchen preparing a snack and the first aid kit for him.

“What’s that?” he whispers in her ear.

Yui gasped.

“Ah, a snack and a first aid kit.” She said and walk towards the living room. Taka followed her and sits beside her.

“Don’t move.” She said and starts to clean his wound.

But she can’t concentrate on nursing his wound because she gets conscious on Taka’s gaze.

“Why don’t you sit on my lap?” he asked.


“So you can clean my wound further.”

“N-no, thanks.”

“Come on my Baby don’t be shy. Sit here.” He pats his lap.

“No.” she blushed.

“It’s only natural to sit on your fiancé’s lap.”

“We’re not engaged.” Her eyes went wide.

“I just announced about us, last week.”

“But that’s a lie.”

Taka lifts her and let her sit in his lap.

“Yeah, but I won’t let you out of my sight again, so I will do everything to keep you.”

Yui felt her cheeks burning, goodness! She wanted to scream, her heart is beating faster as she stared in his chocolate brown eyes.

“You’re impossible! We just met.”

“Exactly, I want to know you more.”

Yui didn’t say a word and continue nursing his wounds.

“Are you free tomorrow, I want to ask you out.”

“I have classes tomorrow.”

“Saturday then.”

“I’m busy on Saturday.”

“How about Sunday?”

“I’m busy.”

“Okay, I’ll help on weekends so we can go out.”

Yui sighed.

“You really won’t stop.”

“I won’t stop until you will go out with me.”

“You’re so persistent.”

Yui and Taka spend the weekends together; Taka had to disguise himself to go out with Yui.

“What are your plans after graduation?” he said while eating. They were in a Japanese restaurant.

“How do know about my graduation?”

“I saw your I.D in your purse.”

“I see. Well, I don’t know but I don’t want to stay here in U.S. its lonely here.”

“You can come with me.”

“What? Where?”

“To Japan. I will come back to Japan; do you want to come with me?”

“I dunno. Maybe I will visit my dad in the Philippines.”

“You’re a Filipino? But you look like Japanese.”

“My mom is a Japanese while my dad is a Filipino.”

“I really wish you will come with me in Japan.” He said and smile at her. Yui avoid his gaze, she didn’t want to come with him, still he is a stranger to her. He remember her father told her about the arrange marriage.

“Taka, I’m sorry but I can’t go out with you again, this will be the last time I will go out with you.”


“I-I have a fiancé, I was arrange by my father.”

“But you can always say ‘no.’”

“I can’t disobey my father.”

Suddenly Taka’s expressive eyes became cold and emotionless and so his face, it was void of emotion.

“I’m sorry.” She said few moments later. She thought that Taka will leave her but to her surprised he stayed.

“I told you I will keep you as long as I could.”


“Don’t argue, Yui.” He whispers. That was the first time he called her by her name.

Taka together with Yui went to the band studio. Taka introduced her to his band mates.

“So you are the infamous ‘fiancée’” Toru commented.

“You’re beautiful, no wonder Taka got hook.” Tomoya said.

She watched them record their new songs inside the control room.  It’s a love song though she can’t understand it, she love the melody and the way Taka sing it.

Taka is singing while staring to Yui in the control room. His band mates are grinning from ear to ear; enjoying a private joke. They went for a break after recording two songs. His band mates together with the technical crew went out of the studio leaving Taka and Yui.

“Listen to this; it is one of my favourites.” He said and sits beside her.

Here with you now I am good, still miss you

I don’t know what I can do, we can’t be true….

Taka is playing the piano as he stole a glance at her direction her.

“Cuz we, we can see how it’s gonna end

But I got my love for you

Moshimo konomama kimi wo wasureru koto ga de ki tara…

His eyes are sparkling with sadness as he sang

“…I shouldn’t be in your heart

Either the time we have spent

And I want you to know what the truth is

But sometimes it makes me feel so sick Oh no

I just can’t say to you, No I won’t…”

Taka closed his eyes as he sang the last part of the song.

“…Yes, we always wish tonight could last forever

I can be your side…”

Yui understand what Taka feels but she can’t let herself fall for him, his father already chose a husband for her, her fate was sealed. It’s sad but for now she wants to be happy…with Taka. She put her head on his shoulder she felt Taka kiss her hair.

They spent time together, having fun, they do stupid things but they’re happy.

Yui is gazing Takahiro’s face as he sleeps like a baby. He is sleeping in her lap while she brush her fingers through his messy but soft hair. She gasps when he caught her fingers.

“What are you doing?”

“Your hair is unruly Takahiro, I just comb it.” Taka smiled.

“Aishite imasu, Yui-san.” He whispers as his eyes are sparking with happiness? Love?

“What?” she asked.

“You don’t understand nihonggo?”

“Nope, I was born in the Philippines and my mother didn’t able to teach me nihonggo because she died giving birth to me.”

“Gome ne sai. I mean I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay; I got used to be alone.”

But he rise up from her lap and hugs her.

“You’re not alone anymore…at least for now.”

“I know.” Yui said and smile.

“Say, Aishite imasu Taka.” He said and grins.


“Just say it.”

“No, I don’t know what aishite- whatever that means.”

“Come on, just say it.” He insists.

“You’re being childish again, Takahiro.”

“Say it please.” He said and clasps his hands together and pout. And how can she resist Taka pouting his lips so cute?

“Fine. Aishite imasu, Takahiro.”

“Yey! You’re my girl now.”

“What?! No!”


Credits: Agatha Sambajon

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