The Lonely Rock Star

Written by: Agatha Sambajon

ONE OK ROCK at Countdown Japan 13/14
*credits go to the owner of this photo

Chapter 1

Taka is strumming his guitar for hours but to his surprise no words come to his mind and he has to compose songs for their next album. He stood up from his messy bed and walk towards the window, the snow start to melt. Their band is in U.S for concert tour but his mind is in Tokyo, his father’s voice still echoed in his mind. Before his flight in U.S his ottou-san said something terrible to him.

Taka opens the door and found his father at the back of his table.

“When you come back from States, I expect you to bring a wife.” He said

“A wife! But I’m only 25!”Taka exclaimed.

“You are already 25 and still you act like a child. Being a vocalist is not a career at all, why don’t you manage our business? He said with disgust.

They had the same argument since he was 20. His ottou-san wants him to manage their family business but his heart is in music, he loves singing and entertaining people through his music.

“What is marriage got to do with that?”

“Your wife can tame you and maybe she can convince you to manage our business.”

Taka laughs.

“No woman can tame me, father. I love music and no one will change that.”

“Well aside from that, I want a grandson. I’m getting old and you should give me grand children to spoil.”

“You talk as if you’re going to die.”

“I’m dying my son.” His father said and manages a cough but he knows better.

“Yeah right, tell that to the marines. I need to pack my things, sayonara outto-san.” he said but before he reaches the door his father talks again that made him turn to him.

“If you don’t bring a wife with you, I will arrange you with one of my associates’ daughters.”

“You can’t seriously do that!”

“I can, and I’m serious, bring a wife and gave me a grandchild or I’ll disown you.”

But why this bothers him now?

Nah, I’m just distracted. I need an inspiration.

He picks up his Nikon DSLR and walk out of his hotel room. Unlike in Japan, he is free to wander around without reporters following him. He began to take photos; he loves to take pictures of nature and candid shots. He’s fascinated how the camera captures emotions. He is busy taking pictures from the bench where he was sitting. He moves his camera from different direction when someone caught his attention. He zoom the lens to clearly see the face of a woman who is looking up in the sky while smiling, her hair is blowing against the wind, and she looks so carefree. Taka smile as the shutter clicks.


But he was alarm when the woman starts to walk away. With no particular reason he run towards her.

“Miss! Miss wait up.” He said.

I need to know even just her name.

He caught her arm and she turns to him, confusion is written all over her face. Taka thought he saw an angel when the woman faces him, deep set chocolate brown eyes that match with a bow shape natural red lips, she wears no makeup. Taka gazes at the innocent beauty in front of him.

“Yes?” the woman asked.

“Ah, ahm…” Taka lost for words. What is he going to asked again? And his thoughts goes riot even more when the woman smile at him.

Then he remembers his father told to him.

“Come back from States and bring a wife.”

“Can you be my fiancée?” he asked instead.

The woman’s eyes went wide and struggle from his clasps.

Yui is talking to his father via telephone.

“No, Father I don’t want to marry, I’m too young to get married.” She said with controlled voice.

“Twenty-two is an ideal age for a woman to marry.” His father reason out.

“But I want to enjoy my single life first before I settle down.”

“You can enjoy your life to the fullest when you get married.”

“No, Father. I won’t marry a stranger.”

“You two can meet when he return from States.”

“States? He’s here?”

“Yes, his name is—” she cut her father’s words.

“I don’t care! I don’t want to marry and that’s final.” She said and hangs up the phone before her father complains.

She walks out of the phone booth and scroll in the park when she noticed the clouds formation. She smiled. She really loves nature, too bad she didn’t bring her camera with her. She stares the clouds for a while and started walking again, when someone shout.

“Miss! Miss, wait up!”

When she turns around, a guy caught her arm.

Anime. That is the first thing that comes in her mind as she stares at the guy in front of her. The guy wasn’t that tall, his hair is messy, and his jeans looks like it haven’t been in the laundry for weeks and his polo is crumpled but when her gaze went to his face, she felt like a hand tugged her heart. Kami, the man is handsome in ragged way!

“Ah…Ahm…” the man stuttered. That made her smile; she always thought that all men in general has over-bloated ego but this one seems a shy guy. When he saw her smile, the man blush, he blushed! That was the first time she saw a man blushed. And when he talked, he has the sexiest voice she ever heard. Low, husky voice and according to her book, it is called sexy voice but she was caught off guard with what he asked.

“Can you be my fiancée?” he asked in a low seductive voice.

“E-excuse me?” she asked. She was so disappointed, this man is crazy! She turn down his father’s arrange marriage to be asked again by a stranger. How great!

“I’m serious, can you be my fiancée?” Mr. Ragged handsome with sexy voice asked.

“N-no, I’m sorry! I gotta go.” She said and run.

“Miss! Miss wait! I didn’t get your name, how will I find you?!”

Taka run after her but it was too late, she went inside a cab. He stares at the cab until it was out of his sight. He sits in one of the bench and brushes his fingers on his already messy hair.

Stupid, you’re so stupid Taka! You let her runaway without knowing her name, now how will you find her?!

Then he remembers the camera that hangs in his neck and he smiled. Definitely he will see her again. He went to their concert venue with a stupid grin on his face.

“What’s up? You seem happy, what happened?” Toru asked Taka as soon as he went inside their dressing room.

“Nothing.” Taka said and sat in one of the chair and put his feet over another chair in front of him.

“You look like joker, grinning from ear to ear because of nothing?” Tomoya asked.

“I just proposed a marriage to a girl today.”

“Whaaaaat????!!!!” Toru, Tomoya and Ryota’s voices echoed in the four corners of their dressing room.

“How the hell did that happened dude?” Tomoya asked.

“Are you crazy?!” Ryota screamed right in Taka’s face.

Taka smacks Ryota’s face away from him.

“It’s true; I just proposed a marriage a while ago.”

“But you don’t have a girlfriend.” Toru said a matter-of-factly.

“I have now.” He said as he fills his memory of the woman he just met.

After an hour, they’re in the stage performing for their fans.

Taka walks to the park everyday where she met her, hoping she will be there again but luck is not with him. It’s been five days since the first time he saw her.

“When will I see you again?” he said as he stared to her picture in his wallet. Yes, he had the picture printed and put it in his wallet.

Toru went to Taka’s room but he didn’t find him there, he asked the hotel manager and said Taka is scrolling in the park every afternoon. He found him sitting in one of the benches.

“Hey dude, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing, I just want to see her.”


“Her.” He said and gives him a picture, a woman’s picture.

“Is this the same woman you’re talking about last time?”

“Yes, I met her here, in this park. I haven’t seen her for five days.”

“You said you proposed to her right? We will launch our new album tomorrow; you can announce your engagement to her, you can easily find her with that.”

“Thanks man.”

Yui is in the classroom waiting for the professor. While her classmates are busy squealing over some guy, she reviews her notes for their weekly quiz. She’s an exchange student in Harvard school of Communication, she is currently in her last year and she will graduate next month. His father is a businessman in the Philippines but he has business partners in Japan that help him in exporting their company’s products across Asia.

“Oh my Gosh, Taka is so handsome last night!” one of her classmate exclaimed.

“You watched their concert? You’re so lucky Girl, I didn’t get the chance to watch last night.”

“Oh yes, One ok Rock is so cool!”

One Ok Rock? Maybe it’s one of those gay boy bands from Korea.

Yui was pissed off with her classmates squealing like a banshee. She puts on her earplug and ignores them. Her classmates are always like that, screaming and ogling boys like there’s no tomorrow.

It is unusual crowded in the University Lobby where she used to spend her break. The students are gathered in front of a flat screen TV.

“OMG! One Ok Rock will launch their new album today and I heard Taka will announce something.”

“Really? What could that be?”

The students scream when the show started. The host made a few introductions.

“I know you are all excited for our episode today and I won’t keep you guys waiting. To sing ‘The Beginning’ here’s One Ok Rock.”

*credits: Agatha Sambajon

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