The Annual Wait Part 2: First Preceptor

I know it’s super late but I just like to share this with everyone. I’m on a verge on starting over. I’d like to think that better days are coming ahead especially with what is in store for me…

It’s just the start of the year and many things have happened already. After my so called “vacation time”, I was awaken by the fact that I will be working soon. Although it is more of a training phase before becoming a regular employee, it felt like reality hit me hard on this note.

It’s quite sad at first since this would mean lesser free days for me. But then, the feeling just suddenly changed to fear and anxiety. I am so afraid for what will be in store for me since this will be my first time doing something that does not involve school grades.

I thought that hey, this is really it! This is the real deal right here. I’m not a student anymore. I am a professional now and I need to act just like one.

As I start my first week as a preceptor in a prestigious hospital, I feel so relieved. It’s great that the staff is very approachable and accommodating to the trainees. I feel even more motivated to do a good job. Although I made some mistakes at work, they were very considerate knowing that I was not yet familiar with their system.

What is also great about my first week was that I met new people and made good friends with other preceptors. It was such a great experience having to learn not just from the staff but also from them as well. In the long run, my fear and anxiety began to fade away and I see myself looking forward to coming to work every single day. I just hope I could maintain this feeling of being inspired and motivated so that I can always have a great working performance.

I hope that in the coming weeks to come, I can fully enhance my knowledge, skills and attitude especially in my workplace. I hope I could improve on being a real professional this time and not as a student (since I’ve been there already).

I constantly pray for courage and wisdom for what will come ahead whether it will be something good or bad.





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