Heartbeats For Joo Won

For the Joo Won fans 🙂

The Musical Notebook

If there is one celebrity that really inspired and moved me in some way, I guess that would have to be Joo Won. It’s the first time I’ve admired a Korean actor not just because of the acting skills he possesses and definitely not just because he is simply good looking (Well, of course, Joo Won got both). But it’s actually more than that- it’s because of his genuine heart.

For all fans captivated by him, I guess you would feel the same.

I don’t know Joo Won personally (Oh, how I wish!) but I got to know him on the small screen through KBS drama’s “Bridal Mask” and “Good Doctor”. To be honest, I’m not that much of a fan during his Bridal Mask days but when Good Doctor aired, I thought that this guy got so much potential that he could become a superstar.

It was during Good…

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