The Annual Wait Part 1: Sinulog 2014

Viva Pit Senior!

Shots from RB Perez

Shots from RB Perez

After the New Year celebration, the next big event that I look forward to would have to be the Sinulog Festival. Every year, the experience just gets so much better. There’s always something to do during this week long festivity and there are many things to look out for. In fact, more people from other places come to Cebu to witness this grandest celebration.

Shots from RB Perez

Shots from RB Perez

Shots from RB Perez

Shots from RB Perez

For those who may not know, the Sinulog Festival is held every January to give honor to the Holy Child Jesus, Sr. Sto. Nino. This Holy Image has become an instrument for people to worship and to pray to God more. For many years, Sinulog has made Cebu a rich province when it comes to its history and culture. But more importantly, this has made every individual, Cebuano or not, closer to religion and faith.

Shots from RB Perez

Shots from RB Perez

On a personal note, the Sinulog Festival is special to me. It is not just because I get to see the Mardi Gras parade nor I get to party with family and friends (more or less, these are just bits of the bonus). It is more than that. The Sinulog Festival is meaningful to me because it helps strengthen my faith in God.

Shots from RB Perez

Shots from RB Perez

As a devotee to Sr. Sto Nino, I always feel that celebrating Sinulog will give me a good start of the year. I celebrate it in my own little way by attending the novena masses and participating in the procession. With this, I always hope that I could be a more prayerful and faithful person as the year progresses.

Shots from RB Perez

Shots from RB Perez

Indeed, this is one colorful festival everyone should look out for!

On a cultural aspect, the Sinulog Festival is a spectacular event to see. Like I said, there’s always something to do even when you are on the streets of Cebu City.

Enjoy more shots taken by RB Perez!

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Shots from RB Perez

Shots from RB Perez

Shots from RB Perez

Shots from RB Perez

Shots from RB Perez

Shots from RB Perez

Shots from RB Perez

Shots from RB Perez


Late but not so late entry: It’s Almost 2014!

I wrote this two days before New Year and I thought I just needed to publish this in my blog. I’m really sorry for the delay. I hope everyone enjoys this!

It’s Almost 2014

Time seems to run by quickly as 2013 is closing its chapter. In the next few days, we will then wake up to 2014, which can be another wonderful and exciting year full of experiences!

As this year is coming to an end, I like to take this opportunity to look back on some of the things that have happened to me. Personally, the first half of the year was a crucial point for me since I was faced with a lot of challenges. Even in the second half, I still encountered a lot of struggles which tested my entire being. But on the other side, there are also “in-between” moments wherein I could say that I am in my most happiness state.

I guess, both my good and bad experiences were very meaningful for me since all these became a part of who I really am as a person.


  • Dealing With Depression

-Yes, I could not deny it. I was mostly depressed at that time (Christmas and New Year’s Day included) and I felt I was alone. Even with the presence of other people I still felt lonely to the point that my school work was affected. But thankfully, I regained myself over time through the help of my family and friends.


  • “Ninja Moves” And Race Track “On” For Graduation

-Yes! Graduation is so near but the game just started! Everyone’s so busy completing their requirements and studying for the final examinations. That is basically why most of us are using our own “Ninja moves” to make sure we are first on the race track.


  • Crammers For The National Licensure Examination

-Less than three months (started on the end of March and finished early June) was all there is for us to review for the Board examination. In reality, this is such a small amount of time that is why I refer to these times as cramming. We went straight days on reviewing, studying and doing practice drills. Gratefully, it was all worth it in the end as we made it to the actual exam day and passed it!


  • The Gap Time

-This I called the “zero zone” since I am officially out of school and still don’t have work. There are three things I remember I was up to:

1. WordPress

2. Job Hunting

3. Anything in Social media


  • My One-of-a-kind Summer

-My aunt and cousin from California visited us and stayed for two weeks. It was definitely one of the great summers we ever had since we were able to bond with the family.


-Yes, I made it! I have officially taken my oath together with my colleagues. I remembered I felt so happy for making my loved ones proud. Even today, I still could not believe I am a registered nurse. Though I’m not the best, I’m still trying my hardest to be better.



-Just time spent on job searching.


-Did not expect for this to happen but I’m grateful that I get to experience how to be a content writer even just for one month.


-This is one unforgettable event.




  • End Of Contract

-Nothing much to say here but it happened. I officially ended my contract on the private company I’ve worked with on being a content writer. Though it ended very quickly, I’m still glad for the short experience because it gave me so many lessons.


  • Family Sickness

-This month started with sickness. Everyone in the family got sick from simple a simple cold to a fever. What is even worse is that a member of the family also had to be rushed to the hospital and later, had to stay in the ICU for one week. I cannot elaborate further on this one but this sure to be a hard situation for all of us.

  •  Grand Alumni Homecoming (Grade School)

-Despite everyone getting sick, I’m still happy that I was able to attend this event with all of my friends. It was such a great way back down to memory lane and we we’re just all in smiles during this day.

-This Christmas Day was very special for me since I celebrated it with my family. I am ever thankful for all the things that the Lord has given me.

  • New Year’s Eve

-A day that ended 2013 with a bang! I’m still feeling ecstatic up to this point as I have celebrated New Year with my family. Thank you Lord for this!

What a year for me!! I’m hoping this gets better for 2014!!


Note: The italized and underlined phrases and words are linked to my previous blog entries. You may check on them also!! 🙂