Out Of Ideas

I don’t know why but actually, I feel like I’m out of ideas- to write or blog something or to do something.

I feel like this new job as a content writer is killing me. At first, it was enjoying and fulfilling having done all my article assignments given to me by my editor. Even though it seems so tiring since part of the job was to rewrite my original article twice, I feel good after what I have accomplished. But at the second week of my training, I sort of sensed the pressure that my job requires. Having to meet a four- thousand word quota for a day is no joke at all. I even have a hard time writing for just one article a day ( and that means that the article has to be rewritten twice). Sad to say, but I can just finish one article and rewrite it twice only for a day which means that I am so slow at this.

I really tried my best though but I guess it is still not enough. I clearly can’t make the quota and I am just hoping for next week that I’ll be able to do it, because if I don’t, I will not be promoted to regular. The good thing about it though is that the editor gave me a chance. I still have until next week to improve my performance.

Honestly, I am really having a hard time making articles in a fast paced wherein the content quality is not affected. The very reason I make articles in a regular pace (not in a fast paced) is that I want it to be of high quality. I want to focus and think about more thoroughly about the words and phrases that I wish to write. I want my readers to really feel what I am saying and I want that every sentence in the paragraph is interconnected with one another. I want to tell a good story where there are no missing gaps in between. I want my articles to be written carefully where I can dwell much deeper in it. I want my voice to be heard in it.

But having the kind of pressure in the work that I am in, I feel so restricted and I can’t work on my creative juices. I am not that satisfied with my finished work even though I have met the deadline. I can’t write a good story and I can’t take my message to be delivered to the public. 

I just really hope that I can surpass this though. Because I really want to complete this challenge and I want to prove something from the talent that I believe that I have.

I may be a starter at this but I want to do my best! Nothing more, nothing less!




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