I began to wonder now what it’s like to DREAM…

For so many days, I’ve been bugged by the idea that everything I have worked for didn’t seem to pay. I guess that maybe, I thought this path that I have chosen, is my “calling”. Yup, that’s a quotation! It’s just to mean that I am not really sure whether I am fit for it. I try my best for the past four years just to graduate college with good grades as much as possible and most importantly, to pass my national examination so that I can be a professional. At first, it was such a HAPPY FEELING knowing that I have done something great! But ultimately, the fire has died quickly. I’m not feeling the same way again. I rethink to decide on a different path but actually, I realized that I can’t go through it. I can’t DREAM!

This is a calling. A calling for someone who needed help and for a person who forgot what it’s like to DREAM and make it REAL.


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