I found this red rounded Kirkland chocolate  box in an old cabinet. There I found bits of memories that I realized I have forgotten for sometime. There, in that dented, rusty box, I saw pieces of papers with pictures on it and words that color “Happy Birthday!”, “Happy Valentines Day” and “Merry Christmas”. As I open each card, I began to read the sweet messages that was written by friends whom I thought were long gone. Although it was just a simple greeting, I began to remember how that mattered to me before. Perhaps as a kid back then, all you could think of was just the card, a material thing. But now, as I thought again, I realized it was more than that- it was friendship, love and trust. As this new world comes to exist, these precious efforts from friends from around are not that quite relevant. Just so you know, NOBODY MAKES OR BUYS A CARD FOR FRIENDS NOWADAYS. People have definitely changed and switched to the new ways of doing things. I guess, this has just become an old thing now. Even I don’t do this so often now. I guess what I’m trying to say is that the old things never fail to make me feel so delighted. These little but touching deeds truly made a moment somewhere in me. Saying this makes me miss my friends even more now. 🙂


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