When you least expected…

At first, you couldn’t find the right way, the right words at the right time. But then, when that moment comes, the one that you’ve waited for quite sometime, everything you’ve ever thought of and done, all just gave way to the experience. Though at the time you were having that feeling of sadness, anger, happiness or joy, it just didn’t really matter. The people whom you thought were not there for you suddenly begins to get back in the picture and those that who were on it unbelievably disappeared! At some point, you may feel frustrated by these opposite reactions. It just doesn’t feel right. It confuses to actually what you are currently dealing with…

The way I see it now, there’s no definite plan for me. All I see is this “Moment” and the things that came along with it. I can’t say for sure where this will bring me but I know deep in my heart that I am grateful for it. I am thankful and honored to have reach this far. I am proud for what I have achieved and know that whatever happens, this “Moment” will surely define who I am.




2 thoughts on “When you least expected…

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